How Much Does A Bathroom Renovation Project Cost?

This article will take a look in detail at the average bathroom remodel cost, so you are informed of the budget you need to set when doing it yourself or hiring a bathroom remodeling contractor. Today is the time that you get your hands-on with your bathroom remodeling project.

How much does a bathroom renovation project cost? The average bathroom remodel costs between $5,500 to $15,000. On the other hand, a small bathroom remodel costs between $2,500 to $15,000, while renovations for master bathrooms cost anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000. Per square foot, bathroom renovations are from $120 to $275, depending on labor costs, materials quality such as natural stone, and changes in the layout.

Why should you avail of bathroom remodel services? It increases the resale value of the property plus offers great returns on investment. The complete bathroom remodel takes around three to four weeks. Do-it-yourself or DIY remodels cost up to $10,000.

Be sure that you consult with your bathroom remodeler, as they are more than willing to provide free quotes. This time, let us get down to the nitty-gritty.

A Detailed Take On Bathroom Remodel Costs

This guide will present the most important parts of a bathroom remodel or renovation, plus the costs involved in the projects.

Small Bathroom Renovation Cost

A small bathroom remodel costs up to $10,000. On the other hand, minor bathroom renovations with basic upgrades, economical fixtures, and DIY may cost $3,000 and below.

Typical Costs Of Full Bathroom Remodel

A full bathroom remodel usually costs a minimum of $6,000 when replacing everything but not changing the layout. This project involves cabinets, fixtures, lighting, wall tiling, and more.

Master Bathroom Remodel Cost

The master bathroom remodel costs between $10,000 to $18,000 on average. Luxury
remodels that involve high-end fixtures, double vanity, and walk-in shower, among others, may cost up to $50,000.

Bathroom Remodel Per Square Foot: Average Cost

Per square foot, the average cost of your bathroom remodel is up to $275. Bathroom remodeling costs on a DIY per square foot is up to $100.

Average Labor Cost To Remodel Bathrooms

The cost to remodel a bathroom in terms of average labor is at least $1,300. On the other hand, bathroom remodeling contractors may charge at least $40 per hour.

Costs Of Materials For The Bathroom Remodel

Whether it is for the powder room remodel, guest bathroom remodel, high end bathroom remodel, or a typical remodel, bathroom remodeling materials may cost between $2,000 to $10,000 on average.

Costs Of Bathroom Renovation

The average bathroom renovation costs up to $5,000. Bathroom renovations may involve replacing the current amenities, upgrading fixtures, and more.

Gut And Demolish A Bathroom Costs

The average cost of demolishing a bathroom is at least $400.

Bathroom Expansion Costs

The average cost to expand the bathroom size is between $2,500 to $12,500.

Estimated Costs Of Bathroom Design

Also part of bathroom renovations is the bathroom design. When you hire a bathroom designer, it costs at least $50 per hour for the consultation, to at least $1,200 for the project. Hiring a bathroom designer is well-recommended.

Costs Of Shower Remodel

A shower remodel may cost up to $5,000 on average. Installation costs for new showers are up to $9,000. Homeowners may have to prepare a budget of up to $15,000 in installation costs when they wish to install a soaker tub with the walk-in shower.

Bathtub Remodel Prices

To install new bathtub costs from $800 to 4,600.

Costs To Redo Bathroom Floor

Should you wish to redo your bathroom floor, it costs at least $7 per square foot. Installation costs for the flooring depend on the type of material, requirements for repair, and so much more.

Bathroom Fixtures Costs

When it comes to the average costs of bathroom fixtures, it may cost up to $2,500 for economy-grade fixtures and up to $20,000 for high-end fixtures.

Bathroom Cabinetry And Vanity Makeover Costs

New bathroom vanity and cabinetry installation cost between $500 to $3,600 on average.

Costs To Redo Bathroom Countertops

If you want to renovate or redo bathroom countertops, it may cost you at least $450 or at least $15 per square foot. This depends on the labor and material costs.

Bathroom Refinish Costs

The average cost for bathroom refinishing is up to $1,200. Reglazing sinks, shower walls, and bathtubs cost up to $400 each, while refinishing all the countertops, flooring, tub, and wall tiles cost up to $1,200.

Costs Of Electrical And Plumbing Work

Installing new plumbing fixtures costs between $100 to $800, still depending on the upgrade and if the bathroom remodel contractors run into any issues.

Here are other details you should know. New plumbing costs are between $125 to $800, installation costs for new light fixtures are between $200 to $800, and installation costs for water heaters are between $650 to $1,600.

Should You Do Bathroom Remodels Or Renovations?

Definitely! After learning how much does it cost for a DIY bathroom remodel or doing it with bathroom remodeling contractors, whether it is mobile home bathroom remodel or one day bathroom remodel you need, involving custom cabinetry, soaking tub, bathroom counter, shower curtain, and more, bathroom remodeling can increase the resale value of your property or home, so it sells faster.
Most bathroom remodels earn at least 60 percent return on investment, plus the overall value of your property also increases by up to $39,000 for an upscale renovation.

We hope that this bathroom remodel cost calculator and bathroom remodel cost breakdown offered you an idea of the average cost range, as well as how you can save money on bathroom renovations, whether these are for master bathrooms or small bathrooms.

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