How to create an app like Facebook?

People have innate needs. Regardless of their social status, professional achievements and occupations in spare time, they like to communicate. And one of the ways to share thoughts and emotions, give and ask for advice, make arrangements is using social media apps. Every second user is acquainted with this type of digital product. 

And if you dream to make your own contribution into this domain, you can’t find a better time than now. Delve into the issue, and you’ll discover how many of white spots on the map of social network development are there

And it has been noticed that year by year the number of social media apps’ users is getting bigger. Nowadays, more than 4bn users are involved in communication via different social media platforms.

This stats sounds inspiring and promising for entrepreneurs who are on the path to find out how to create an app like facebook. And this overview will bring a bit of help in this issue. 

What enabled Facebook to create an app worth leading place in the market?

On your way to foundate a business that will be in demand among millions of users, the experience of leading companies can point you where the gold mine is hidden. So, let’s not waste time to find out which features played a determining role in the thriving of such a social network as Facebook. Sure, if you’re planning to create an app, some information will be a guiding star in your creative research. 

It would be a delusion to think that when Facebook started, there were no competitors in the market. They were, but this fact didn’t rid the founders of the intention to develop their own project. But how did the college digital social network turn into a worldwide recognized company? When you’re intending to create an app, it’s essential to find and implement features that make your offer unmatched. 

Let’s describe the features that let the product become a leader in this business niche. First, they offered users to register with real names. That enabled customers to establish real connections. The founders also exploited the fundamental laws in psychology. According to the concept, the level of trust is higher, when people have common friends.

Also the algorithm of recommendation lets people connect with friends of their friends. For example, if John knows Ron, and Ron knows Joan, John is automatically introduced to Joan. And of course, a success-shaping factor was Agile approach to development. The team of developers implemented new features regularly and, based on real feedback, improved them or deleted them. For example, News feed has been met by users with criticism, but later it became one of the prominent features in the solution. 

How to create an app better than Facebook?

To answer this question, you need to explore your reference-app meticulously and find out what kind of vulnerabilities it has. If you can tailor a product which is free of its drawbacks, you can count on public attention. What are Facebook’ shortcomings?

Security of sensitive data

Since it is dealing with personal data, it should provide a reliable protection of it. But in practice, the customers face the leaks of private information. The lack of confidence and insufficient defense of personal info indirectly reflects on its commercial potential. There’s a very small number of users who are ready to entrust their credit and debit cards’ data to make purchases within an app. 

If you want to create an app worth trust, this problem should be solved.

Unknown algorithm of news promotion

The users feel confused as they can’t understand what impacts the possibility to make publications spread among the target audience. 

Strong rules and unfair censorship

Sometimes the administration of the network overused its power to block publications or user accounts without an opportunity to get an explanation of the decision. 

Imperfect work of support

When users face some non trivial problems, they sometimes can wait for help with no results. 

These are only several features that can be done better if you want to create an app like Facebook.

What’s particular in app development for social networks?

Apart from the uniqueness of the project idea, you need to focus enough effort on the unsurpassed UI/UX of the product. Only imagine that people with a very miscellaneous background will use your network. So, the interface of the app should be simple and inviting. Any user regardless of its education, cognitive abilities and working experience should be able to navigate through the app effortlessly. To create an app that corresponds to users expectations, learn more about competitive products and make notes of their strong features.

Before you start perplexing the development team with technical requirements, figure out what features it will include. 

Sign Up/In page

Is a door in your network. Make it attractive, simple and easy-to-open. Ask for only essential info: phone number and password, for example.

Profile Settings

What makes social networks so popular, is an opportunity to give an opportunity for self expression. Interests, hobbies, preferences and other personal info lets people find friends with a similar range of particularities. 

Messaging opportunities

This is the bread and butter of social networks. The diverse tools for exchanging information attract people as it lets them customize the solution in accordance with their habits: some prefer text, other voice, third video messages. 

Content creation tools

Here you are expected to decide what type of content will be available for users and what shticks will differentiate it from competitive offers. Unusual filters for video or unconventional emotions for text messages…Think meticulously what it can be. 

Push notifications

To get urgent info on time about events, new messages etc as well as to warn your subscribers about changes and stay in touch with the audience, you need to add this feature. 

Third-Party Social Network Integration

There’s no need to perceive existing solutions as enemies. Taking into account that people use an array of different products, you can get them integrated into your app. This lets you create an app that is actually user-friendly.

Three steps to create an app of social network

If you are afraid, you should be the heir of Croesus to create an app like Facebook, we’re in hurry to disappoint you. All you need is a clear understanding of what you precisely want to deliver and for whom. The question «how?» can be answered in collaboration with an experienced IT agency that can enhance your processes not only in part of software development, but in the business part too. As the works related to market research are completed and the key features of the app are defined, it’s time to get over to selecting a trustworthy contractor in order to drive your idea home.

The second step is to give fledgling to your project idea. Give the task to the chosen software development agency to perform a clickable prototype of the app. This will let you know how your future product will look and work before you decide to create an app in a full format. 

When the focus group of users confirmed that all worked as needed, the interface is catchy and convenient, you can invest your money or attract funds from investors in order to create an MVP. MVP is an app with vitaly important core functionality that lets you see whether your business idea resonates with people’s needs and market expectations. 

So, what you need to start is an unshakable desire to create an app, three-five months of work, several thousands to build a prototype and an experienced IT team that is inspired to turn your desire into a tangible product with obvious values. 

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