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Whether you want to move office furniture or you have to find a reliable business partner for your online business, you can’t just choose the first company that comes to mind. After all, speedy delivery is part of branding nowadays, right?

According to recent data, 49% of shoppers say that same-day delivery has the power to convince them to buy when torn between two brands.

So, if you want to make sure your brand will always be the chosen one, it’s important to find a shipping service that works for your business and your customers.

Plus, more online retailers use speedy, free delivery as a way to attract more customers. And, as the boom of the online retail market dims down, it helps to have all the extra perks at your disposal. 

So how do you find the best courier service in your area? And what do you choose – personal couriers or couriers that can reach all over the country? Sometimes, businesses need both types of shipping services. 

We put together a shortlist of the factors that matter the most when selecting a courier service. So make sure to check it out before signing a contract with a new service. 

Check Out their Reputation

Unless you are on a really tight budget, it’s never a good idea to choose the cheapest service. They are cheap for a reason (lengthy deliveries, missing packages, rude behavior) and an association with them could damage your brand’s reputation. 

Of course, the most expensive is not always the best in the market or the one you need. So, before you look at costs, do a bit of research and see what other customers say about the courier. Also, do a quick online check and see if people who receive packages via this courier are happy with it.

Lastly, check if their delivery methods fit your shipping needs and if they are insured in case of package loss. 

Ask About their Automation Implementation

In this day and age, no respectable shipping service works with sheets and manual notes! Most couriers use specialized automated software that automatically tracks the package from start to end (until it reaches its destination). Also, the system sends notifications to both the receiver and the sender, so both can be up to date. 

Another extremely useful tool that most couriers nowadays use is a multiple stop route planner. This software helps create the most efficient routes by taking into consideration each delivery point. It also analyzes the driver’s style and finds ways to reduce fuel consumption to make the entire process more environmentally friendly. 

Proof of Delivery

You don’t want to be on the phone with an angry customer who hasn’t received their parcel and not be able to provide them with accurate information (delays, delivery, in transit, and so on). 

To avoid such an unpleasant situation, both for you and the customer, you should find a delivery service that offers parcel tracking and proof of delivery. 

Usually, the proof of delivery is a picture of the parcel being delivered or in front of the customer’s door. With such a feature, you know how to advise the customer and it’s a lot easier to bring the conversation to a calm and friendly tone. 

Plus, a tracking system may help you save some money on shipping since you know exactly what you’re paying and why. 

The Customer Experience

Online customers who are unhappy with the delivery experience are most likely to drop your brand. In today’s competitive market, even the tiniest detail matters, and delivery is not a small detail. 

The process of delivering the parcel and making sure it gets to its destination in one piece is half of your brand representation in front of online buyers. So, unless you can afford to cover shipping by yourself, you need a reliable partner who understands these aspects. 

Furthermore, you can take things one step further (if the budget allows it) and look for a partner that supports White Glove delivery. This is an extra service, but it is quite impressive for luxury items or large objects (such as furniture). 

Overall, it’s important to pull all the stops in order to ensure the buyer will have a fantastic experience while buying and during receiving their order.

Consider the Cost to Value Ratio

And, we’re back at the cost – you know, the one we told you shouldn’t be your primary factor of choice. Still, we can’t pretend that cost doesn’t matter (especially in today’s crazy world). 

However, it’s best to think of the cost to value ratio rather than just the cost. 

What does this mean? In short, you compare the delivery costs against the value provided for your business.

For instance, if buyers are happy with the delivery service, chances are they’ll order again from your brand. Also, they’ll tell their friends and family and more customers may come your way.

Overall, if your business model involves sending out parcels on a regular basis, you need a good courier service. Use our tips above and your better judgment to find the right one for your needs!

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