How to Get Rid Of Wrinkles on Your Face

If you think that your wrinkles are making you look old or you are simply not satisfied with your appearance, there are many things you could do. There are things that could help premature aging, and there are things that could help make your existing wrinkles less visible.

Of course, there is only so much you could do naturally. In case you would like to get rid of wrinkles on your face immediately, there are a couple of procedures that could help. For this, you should visit Jade Cosmetic Clinic or a local clinic, schedule a consultation and talk to your doctor. As for the rest of you, here are a couple of things that could help prevent premature aging!

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Take proper care of your skin to prevent premature aging

Sunscreen is important

We all know that wearing sunscreen over 30 SPF could help in cancer prevention. However, in a study done in 2013, it was shown that sunscreen can help prevent the sings of aging. Of course, there is nothing that could completely prevent the signs of aging, but sunscreen can prolong your young-looking skin.

Sugary cravings

Sugar consumption is known to affect our health. The sugar in our body will set off a process that is called glycation, and this is not good four our skin. A lot of sugary foods can cause our skin to start showing signs of aging a lot sooner than it should.

Smoking is bad!

We all know that smoking is bad for our health, but did you know that it could age your face prematurely. An interesting study compared faces of 79 pairs of identical twins, where one of them would have a habit of smoking, while the other one did not. There were big differences in showing of age in twins who were smoking.

Coconut oil can help a lot

If you apply coconut to your skin, it will fill out the gaps in the epidermis, thus make your skin feel smoother. This is because coconut oil is a natural emollient. By applying coconut oil to your skin, it will not only become a lot smoother, it will also help with retaining moisture and making your face look fuller.

Lemon Balm Leaf Tree

This is one of the most interesting strategies that is rather new to the media. It is great for wrinkle fighting, and it proved that people who drink lemon balm leaf tea are prone to having more elastic skin. It is also known to be able to correct tissue damage a lot better! Of course, green tea is also incredibly good for the skin.

Having a proper skincare routine is a must!


Photo-aged skin is not a symptom that you should be concerned about. However, if the appearance of your skin is still bothering you, there are some things that you could check out. First thing’s first, you should speak to your dermatologist, who will be able to tell you more about your skin and possibilities of getting rid of your wrinkles.

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