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Everyone always says how pregnancy is wonderful and easy to go through, but once you happen to be pregnant, you will quickly discover as things are not that simple. Your body will go through all kinds of changes, and while the end result is one of the most wonderful things in the world, getting there can be tough without correct preparation.

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Prepare for mood swings

If you have ever had a friend who was pregnant, you are probably very familiar with this side of pregnancy. One moment you are going to feel happy like you are having the time of your life, and a couple of seconds later, you will feel like crying. Sometimes your moods will have a reason behind them, and sometimes you will be just as unaware of what is going on like the ones around you.

Prepare yourself to be in unexplainable moods, and more importantly, prepare the ones that are spending a lot of time around you for that as well. Your first mood swings are going to kick in once your body starts changing due to all the hormones, such as your breasts swelling and becoming more tender. If you thought PMS is stressful, pregnancy mood swings are much worse, so you better ready yourself!

Upgrade your wardrobe

As months pass by during the pregnancy period, if you did not prepare your wardrobe in time, you will quickly notice that you just cannot fit into most, if not all of your clothes. This goes from the bras being too small, as the size of your breasts is going to increase significantly, to your shoe size because all of the extra fluid in your body will cause your feet to swell, not making you fit into your old shoes.

Of course, it is a bit tricky to predict just how much your body is going to change during pregnancy, but you can always consult about women’s health In Orange if you are in the area or your local clinic. As weird as your questions might be, doctors deal with this more often than you think, and they will be able to give you advice on what is to come.

Upgrade your wardrobe before you realize that the old clothes no longer fit

Unexplainable cravings

It is quite surprising how women who become pregnant suddenly have cravings for a certain food that they absolutely hated their whole lives. Sometimes, unfortunately, things like this can go around their ethics, and it can be quite awkward to crave meat, especially if you happen to be a vegan.

Either way, be prepared to try all kinds of food and prepare your partner to bring you everything your body asks. After the pregnancy, you might actually develop an acquired taste for certain items you hated in the past, but you should not be surprised if you hate certain foods once again as well.

Prepare to have a craving to eat absolutely anything

Physical limitations

One of the most obvious things that you will have to prepare yourself for a while pregnant, is that you will not be able to do a lot of things that you would while not being pregnant. In the beginning, this may be limited to things such as carrying heavier items. Then it will move on to things like tying your shoes, and then finally, you will get to the point where you will barely even get up. Be prepared for these things.

You may have to abandon some things for a while

Because of all the changes that your body is going through and what your mental state is going to be due to those changes, you should be prepared to say goodbye to certain activities for a while. Some of these things are quite obvious, such as drinking, smoking, and going to the gym, while other things might be a bit more obscure, and you will realize that you just physically cannot do them.

Going through pregnancy is quite a stressful period for some women, and abandoning and getting used to certain things can be very difficult. In order to make sure that your pregnancy is going smoothly, or if you just need some help for your health, both physical and mental, you can check the obstetrician doctor from Lotus Medics if you are in the area, as they will be able to provide the necessary help.

Prepare to be treated like the Queen

Not everything is black when you are pregnant, and while in most cases you will certainly feel that way, you will also notice that everyone is treating you like a queen no matter where you go. It has become common sense to let a pregnant woman go in front of the line somewhere or to have a seat when the bus is full, for example.

Even if you are thinking to yourself that you might not take advantage of people right now when you are not pregnant or in the early stages of pregnancy, your body will probably make you be that person. You should not feel guilty about using your pregnant privileges. In fact, you should be proud because you are bringing new life into this world.

Final words

Pregnancy is quite an interesting rollercoaster, but depending on how you prepare for it can make the ride be as smooth as butter or as bumpy as the country roads. The best way to prepare for pregnancy is to make your partner understand your needs, to get their support during the whole process, and to keep a positive image of what your future will be with your new child.

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