How To Have Great Customer Experience At Your Accounting Firm

Customer experience is crucial at your accounting firm. Not only will an amazing experience make clients happy, but it means gaining more clients in the long run. 

That’s because, customers are more likely to trust reviews from friends, family, or other customers when they learn about a new product, according to HubSpot research. There is also an 80% increase in revenue for companies that focus on improving customer experience, Zippia research found. Are you starting to pick up on the trend these statistics show? 

Here are three quick and easy “musts” that you will need to practice within your firm to offer the best possible customer experience, which will thereby maximize your clientele.

Top 3 must-haves for excellent accounting customer experience:

1. Provide spectacular communication

      • Keep your tone in check.
      • Be concise, clear, and context-driven.
      • Use client communication tools For example, Canopy Client Request comments are a great tool, as well as automated emails as you go through the workflow.
      • Seek feedback 
        • Send surveys inquiring about the clients’ experiences.
        • Take it to heart and makes necessary changes.

2. Build trust & respect

      • Be helpful
        • Work with the client, not against them.
      • Be honest
      • Honor your commitments
      • Be consistent
        • In communication and character
      • Own your mistakes

3. Develop meaningful connections

      • Use clients’ names
      • Be empathetic
        • Put yourself in their shoes.
      • Remember details about them
      • Make them feel like a VIP

Example scenario

Jerry Smith is a CPA at Smith Tax Firm, Inc. His client, Summer Sanchez, has been waiting on him for a 2 p.m. appointment that she set up weeks in advance. She has some concerns and questions regarding her 2021 tax return. It is now 3:30 pm and she still has not met with Jerry. Soon after, Sarah had to leave the office since she had other appointments and obligations to take care of.  

In this scenario, the fact that Jerry did not honor his commitments meant that he lost his client.  

On the other side of town, we’ve got Jim Halpert who is a CPA at Halpert Accounting & Tax Services. His client Dwight Schrute is so delighted with Ivan’s services. Ivan has recently implemented the use of Canopy’s practice management solution. as a one-stop shop for tax services. Jim and Dwight both appreciate the fact that there is open communication and ease of access to vital information through Canopy’s Client Portal and CRM. Jim knows Dwight on a first name basis and the two have built a sound professional relationship with one another.  

In this example, Jim respects Dwight enough to remember his name as well as provide an efficient service for his tax needs. For these reasons, Dwight will advocate for Jim’s firm to friends and family and will choose to return as Jim’s client for many years to come. 

Why does customer experience matter?

Choosing not to engage in the customer’s experience could be detrimental to your firm, as your clients could view you as impersonal, disinterested, untrustworthy, complacent, and even disrespectful. You may be completely unaware that your choices are leading your clients to this conclusion about you and your firm—this is why it’s important to check in with your clients.

Without a customer experience plan, clients may not refer you to others, which could lead to you losing out on potential clients, and possibly even losing clients you already have. Through your efforts in making meaningful connections, building respect and trust, and communicating effectively, you will see just how many clients you will keep and absorb from other firms who are not focusing on the customer’s experience!

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