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Have you ever stopped to consider the amount of time and effort that you have put into creating the perfect family home? That deep pile carpet, the immaculate wood floor, and a color scheme to die for. You’ve made sure that it is all just so and that there’s a sprinkling of your personality to boot. It’s not just the time and effort that has gone into things: you’ve spent a fair bit on your home too.

After you’ve created perfection and you then invite around guests, and the story is always the same. Their eyes are drawn to your ugly gas boiler, they fall over the dog bowl, or they’re memorised by the never-ending network of cables that you thought you’d hidden! If this sounds like you, then fear not. Here are some great ways to hide those parts of your home that are undoing your hard work. 

Gas boiler

As one of the most common ways of heating our homes and giving us hot water, we’d be a little lost without a gas boiler. However, the truth is that they are hardly pleasing to the eye. The chances are that your boiler is detracting from the look of your kitchen.

The easiest way to hide away this aesthetic destroying appliance is by using a cupboard. This means that it will just blend in with the design of your kitchen and the sheer ugliness shall be gone!


Another vital part of your heating system, your thermostat may not be quite as ugly as your boiler, but they always seem to be placed where they are most likely to be seen. Rather than being hidden out of sight, house builders seem to incorporate them into their designs to ensure they are on full display in your hallway or living room!

A great way to hide these away is with a canvas. Choose your favourite piece of artwork and strategically hang it to keep your thermostat out of sight. It will possibly even fool the teenage kids and stop them whacking it up to full each time that they pass.

Pipes on your wall

It seems that your hot water and heating system is intent on destroying the aesthetic appeal of your home. As well as your gas boiler and thermostat, there are also unsightly pipes to contend with. These can be an easy fix though.

At times you can get away with a lick of paint. The same colour as the walls, of course. If that doesn’t quite do it, why not look at boxing the pipes in? There are plenty of decorative options that can make this problem disappear. 

AC units

If you have an air conditioning unit, you are no doubt the envy of your family and friends. The only issue is that these units are nothing short of a monstrosity and a pretty large one at that. Your garden and exterior of your home can quickly lose their appeal with one of these units in place.

Many people have found that fences, screens, or latticeworks provide the solution. Using the right flowers and plants, that provide all year round cover, can restore your desired look and ensure that the envy of your friends and ally remains intact.


With TVs, PCs, games consoles, and entire home entertainment systems, for a wireless age, we sure seem to have a good few cables in our homes. Aside from the potential to slip and break your neck these cables present another issue: they just don’t look great!

You can quickly and easily hide away thee eyesores so fear not. Decorative boxes or even simple baskets can be your friend here. A cable tidy may help, but these options will make sure that your cables are fully out of view. 


Where would we all be without our internet connections? Whether it’s for work, social media, gaming or TV, our internet connection has become a family member that we can’t live without. There is a period of mourning if bad weather ever sees it go down! Although it may be a family member, it has to be said that it is a fairly unattractive relative! 

This embarrassment can easily be hidden just by using some books (this has the added advantage of displaying how intelligent you are too!) or by finding a decorative box to place it in. If you get really creative, you can hide this so well that your teenagers can’t find it when it’s time to put an end to the continuing hours of online play. 

Dog bowls

Dogs may well be our best friends but, just like a messy housemate, they do bring their fair share of clutter. Water and feeding bowls are a must of course, but that doesn’t mean that we want them on permanent display.

There are some great options available in terms of feeding stations. These have the bowls concealed in floor level draws that remain closed when not in use. If this isn’t an option, you can try and find bowls with the finish that suits your home.

Lotions and potions

Do you have friends and family who may be a little on the nosey side? Do they find themselves reading every label on every product you have to discover your secrets? Are you growing tired of this but wanting to remain polite? We have the perfect solution!

Decant your lotions and potions into aesthetically pleasing bottles. These could be pump-action bottles or those that you can pour from. These can be a feature in a bathroom that catches the eye without disclosing your secrets!

Cat litter 

While we may love our cats to pieces, the sight, and the pong, of a cat litter tray don’t do much for the overall feel of your home! There are plenty of cat litters that can help to mask the smell, but what about keeping the actually tray hidden?

There are some great ling options here that see your cat effectively walking into an enclosed space. These can be decorative and match your home and they also mean no one has to witness your cat in the act!

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