How To Invest In Stock Baskets through Jiffy?

The idea of researching stocks, thinking about how, when & which stocks to invest in are always haunting isn’t it? The thought of creating a portfolio with individual stocks is even tougher. That’s why we got you ‘BASKETS’.

Basket allows you to invest in top stocks across multiple sectors that have been curated by experts for a long-term view. These baskets are carefully researched as per your investment needs. Further, the stocks are segregated as per the weightage, i.e. each stock has a percentage allocation to the basket.

How would BASKETS benefit your investments?

  • Match your long-term investment goals
  • Diversify Your Portfolio
  • Minimize Your Risk
  • Rebalance Quarterly

Here are long term stocks with tailor made strategies that are handpicked by experts.

1. Alpha Auto Ancillaries: This portfolio selects automobile parts manufacturing stocks on a factor investing framework. The quantitative portfolio optimization methodology has been back-tested for 10 years to minimize the goal of portfolio risk.

2. Domestic White-Goods: This sectoral portfolio selects stocks that are carefully chosen using a factor-based approach that includes smart beta and liquidity aspects.

3. Supermarket: This portfolio invests in FMCG stocks using a factor investing framework. This will allow you to gain high exposure to firms in the FMCG industry and be a part of India’s growing domestic consumption.

4. India Industrials: This portfolio invests in Industrial companies using a factor investing strategy. This helps in obtaining key exposure to Capital Goods stocks & you will contribute to India’s expanding industrial production.

5. Mighty IT: This portfolio invests in IT stocks using a factor investing strategy & will help you be a part of the growing story of the Indian IT sector. The objective, rule-based approach controls unrewarded risk while maximizing factor exposure.

6. Large Cap Stars: This portfolio selects Large Cap stocks from the Large Cap Index using a factor investing framework. While minimizing fluctuation, outsized returns to the benchmark can be obtained.

7. Pharma First: This portfolio picks Pharma stocks, providing exposure to the Pharma sector and allowing you to be a part of India’s growing sales and export-oriented growth.

How to invest in Baskets through Jiffy?

One can invest in Baskets by placing trades, just like one does while buying individual securities. The advantage here is that there are customized stocks based on sectors. The first thing you need to have is a Demat account in place. As per the norms of SEBI, one cannot start or invest without a trading account. You can follow the process and start trading.

Having said that, when it comes to investing, one needs to assess all situations and scenarios and make informed decisions.

The Baskets are here to provide you with the most sought after stocks from the sectors selected by professionals specializing in the specific field.

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