How To Transform Yourself Into A Money Magnet

Transform yourself into a money magnet

Rich people transform themselves into money magnets.

Here are a few ways they do it:

  • The Pursuit of Success Turns You Into a Money Magnet – Those who pursue success turn themselves into money magnets, drawing other success-minded people into their circle, bringing with them their contacts and unique opportunities to make more money.
  • Persistence Turns You Into a Money Magnet – Eighty percent of the self-made millionaires pursued some major purpose in life. This was some dream or vision they were chasing. They built goals around their dreams and never quit on their dream. Good luck eventually finds the persistent.
  • Optimism Turns You Into a Money Magnet – Seventy-one percent of the self-made millionaires in my study were optimistic about life. They believed in themselves. They enthusiastically pursued their dreams and goals. Their optimism infected everyone around them. They became magnets for other success-minded people. This helped them in creating teams that would eventually help lead them to success.
  • Niche Experts Are Money Magnets – The rich in my study were experts in some niche. This expertise was gained through self-education and years of experience in a specific area. They were by no means a jack of all trades. Because they possessed a unique expertise in a few niche areas they were able to command more money and, thus, earn more money.
  • Team Builders Are Money Magnets – Successful people find apostles for their cause – individuals devoted to them and who share their vision and purpose. Team players benefit financially from their mutual success.
  • Open-Minded People Are Money Magnets – You can’t learn anything if you are closed minded. Being open to new ideas, new ways of doing things and the opinions of others is critical to learning and growth. Growth is the parent of success. You must grow into the person you need to be in order for success to visit you.
  • Those Who Give Value Become Money Magnets – In order to get, you must first give value to others either in the form of service or through some product offering. Giving always comes first. It was no surprise that 58% of the rich in my study created something of value that others happily paid them for.
  • Cheerleaders Are Money Magnets – Rich, successful people are great cheerleaders. They encourage other success-minded people who are pursuing a dream or some purpose in life, turning them into magnets, drawing other success-minded people into their circle.
  • Developing Your Superpowers Turns You into a Money Magnet – Everyone has superpowers. Superpowers are the strengths each one of us has that makes us unique. Your superpowers set you apart from everyone else. Superpowers come from two places: #1 Your Genes and #2 Your Environment. Some people are just naturally gifted with genes that make them physically superior, intellectually superior, more creative, funnier, good with numbers, musically inclined, etc. The environment you were raised in also gives you superpowers. Some people were raised by parents who encouraged their children to explore, to be curious, to experiment, etc. Some were raised in environments where they were taught certain success habits that gave them an edge. Others were raised in environments that fostered learning, creativity, invention, risk taking, etc. And still others were raised in environments where they came into contact with individuals who inspired them, motivated them, or encouraged them. If you are alive, you were born in an environment that gave you some superpower.

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