How Toronto Small Businesses Can Leverage Digital Signage to Recover

Let’s face it, Toronto businesses have been hit hard. The revolving door of lockdowns, work-from-home orders, and capacity restrictions have been tough across multiple industries. The opportunities to capitalize on foot traffic, crowds, and in-person events have dried up dramatically.

Digital signage located in a mall.

But as businesses pursue their recovery, many are looking for innovative ways to engage with people in the public realm once again, and they’re turning to digital signage to get the job done.

Digital signage is an increasingly affordable and convenient option. Toronto digital signage company BIG Digital is one example of sources that have made digital signs both portable and easier to access. With digital signs available to rent or purchase, there are flexible solutions for businesses with different needs. They’ve also made portable and outdoor digital signs that are much easier to put in place than their earlier counterparts.

With easier access to this technology solution, here’s how some industries are leveraging signs to re-engage the public.

Retail Storefronts

Commercial streets are looking a little worse for wear after two years of pandemic-related closures. The pandemic has also put many businesses in a position where they’ve had to focus on their online sales efforts while foot traffic has declined.

Retailers haven’t been putting much attention into their storefronts, but with city life underway again, it’s time for retailers to refocus their efforts.

One of the most effective ways to attract eyeballs to your storefront is to add light and movement. Not only will digital signage add those dynamic elements that attract attention, but you can also integrate digital content into your storefront, combining your online and offline efforts.

Brand Activations & Live Events

Events are happening again, people are coming out of their shells, restrictions are gradually being lifted on gatherings, and businesses have an opportunity to get out into the real world again.

Businesses have an opportunity now to create activations and raise brand awareness, as well as learn more about their customers and people attracted to their brand by getting out there.

Portable digital signage is an affordable and easy way to elevate your next brand activation. You can work with a digital signage company on creating an on-brand, innovative experience for digital billboards that are plug-and-play in both indoor and outdoor situations.

Commercial Property Management

Commercial property managers have been in an especially difficult position. Malls, plazas, parking lots, and complexes like the PATH system have been hit hard as people stay closer to home and office workers have been slow to return.

As property managers look for ways to rejuvenate business, they can look toward strategies that will make shoppers more comfortable, entertained, and confident in their own safety and security. Digital signage can make visits much easier, provide valuable communication (such as public health directives), and promote tenants who could use the boost to their business.

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