Huckleberry’s Breakfast & Lunch Offers Unique Opportunity To Take Advantage of Exploding Segment

Huckleberry's Breakfast & Lunch Offers Unique Opportunity To Take Advantage of Exploding Segment

Breakfast and lunch has become one of the hottest restaurant sectors in the industry and nobody is doing it better than franchisor Huckleberry’s Breakfast & Lunch. The unique and proven concept is comfortably nestled right in the middle of a surging growth market and the brand is looking for qualified franchise investors ready to come along for the ride.

Huckleberry’s franchisees get to take advantage of a daytime-only restaurant concept with a low cost of entry and robust ROI that offers franchisees quality of life and includes ongoing franchisor support. The one-shift operation model makes hiring and retaining employees much easier, and the brand’s unique menu, Southern-style atmosphere, and customer service set it apart from all other competitors.

It’s no surprise guests are flocking to the authentic taste of Southern Hospitality at Huckleberry’s. “No matter where they live, guests fall in love with the Huckleberry’s experience, featuring a real Southern Bayou feel complete with a weeping willow tree, sparkling fireflies, and Zydeco music,” says Reem Fahoum, VP of marketing for Heritage Restaurant Brands, the California-based parent of Huckleberry’s Breakfast & Lunch. She says the brand’s chef-inspired contemporary takes on Southern dishes like Mardi Gras beignets, Fried Green Tomatoes, Stacked Chicken & Waffles, and N’Awlins-style sandwiches are served in an atmosphere that takes guests right to a Louisiana bayou state of mind.

“The icing on the cake is our Southern hospitality,” explains Greg Graber, CEO of Heritage Restaurant Brands. “Huckleberry’s genuine hospitality is in our DNA and built into our training systems. It permeates everything we do.”

Huckleberry’s growth curve is rapidly rising. The brand has just recently opened locations in Reno, Nevada and Livermore, California, bumping their total number of open locations to 24. And there’s more growth planned for 2022 as the brand is set to open new locations in Antelope, Napa, Escondido, Stockton, and Fresno, California markets as well as in Austin, Texas. Numerous territories are still available throughout the West and Mid-West and the brand makes a great addition to a multi-unit or multi-brand franchisee’s portfolio.

Every Huckleberry’s franchisee is supported by the brand’s comprehensive site selection assistance and marketing and brand building, purchasing synergies, training, vendor distribution, innovative recipe and menu development, a point-of-sale system, accounting, and restaurant operations reviews. The brand is soon to open their first company-owned location in Escondido, California, where it can test, tweak, and rollout new products and services for its franchisees and guests. It’s also a great way for the franchisor to show its franchisees that it has skin in the game, too, says Graber.

“At Heritage, we’ve spent the last few years working with our franchisees to refine operations and build the foundation for results-driven expansion. All along we’ve told them our intention was to grow together and that is exactly what we are doing.”

Huckleberry’s franchisees are quick to validate the brand. “Huckleberry’s has a unique and compelling niche in the restaurant space,” says Raman Dhillon, a Huckleberry’s multi-unit franchisee. “The unit economics, captivating ambience, great food, and the fact that we’re open for breakfast and lunch make adding more restaurants a no-brainer for us.”

So who’s your Huckleberry? If you want to join a growing brand, conduct business between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. daily, serve amazing food with a Southern hospitality ambiance, then Huckleberry’s might be the kind of opportunity you are looking for. Visit or email to discover more about this unique brand’s ‘Southern Cookin’ with a California Twist’.

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