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The holiday season is right around the corner, with Halloween as its official kick-off. So, it’s a natural time to begin building your holiday season sales strategies. In order to help you plan and boost your sales during these upcoming months, we’ve prepared just the right resources to inspire you and get you started on the right track.

We will begin by talking about what it takes to optimize your cart, so your customers enjoy a unique buying experience. Then we will show you how to reduce your customer churn rates and improve your pricing strategies, while also sharing what it takes to expand your online business globally.

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Happy selling!


Retargeting is a crucial aspect of staying present in front of bounced traffic. Discover eight retargeting best practices that will help boost your eCommerce customer retention and ultimately grow your revenue!


In today’s rapidly changing subscription-based SaaS ecosystem, just signing up a customer is not enough. If you want to boost your sales and remain highly profitable, you need to keep your subscriptions active for as long as possible. Check out these effective ways you can proactively reengage your customers and reduce the possibility of churn.


Loyalty programs are one of the key strategies that improve customer experience and foster customer retention. Find out about the most successful technologies and what they will do to shape customer loyalty programs in 2022 and beyond!


A faster, optimized checkout means higher conversion rates. Discover Convert Plus to find out how to simplify the process of collecting payments from your customers while providing your shoppers with a seamless shopping experience.

A/B testing an eCommerce page is a crucial component of an online store’s long-term success. Learn more about the 8 most essential elements every eCommerce seller should test to drive engagement and conversions.


Research shows that consumers in the United Kingdom use contactless payments in nearly 90% of face-to-face payment transactions. Find out how this impacts the payments industry and what the future holds.


Cross-border payments are complicated and confusing – but they don’t have to be. Here’s everything you need to know about how value is moved between countries.


While Australia’s internet usage remained stable from 2015 through 2020, its eCommerce penetration continued to grow during the same period. By the start of 2020, close to 72% of the country was already shopping online. Check out this resource for a better understanding of factors that provision for success when selling online in Australia.

Good luck with your selling strategy this holiday!


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