Interim HealthCare Franchise remains the leader in Home Healthcare

Interim HealthCare Franchise remains the leader in home healthcare, senior care, staffing, and specialized non-medical care during the recession

One large lesson we’ve learned in recent years is there are times in life when you must decide what is most important to you. What will be the most sustainable, recession-proof career option? Having to consider things like this isn’t always our choice but, instead, a decision that must be made due to an abrupt company shutdown or mass lay-off.

Many people have made drastic changes to their career paths in recent years, and an incredible number of individuals answered the call to fulfill healthcare industry needs. While going back to school to study medicine when you’re well into your adult life may not be practical, there are other ways to transition into the booming healthcare industry to access more sustainable employment.

Do any of the following scenarios sound familiar to you?

  • You’ve just been laid off from the automotive industry, where you’ve spent much of your career – this is all you know. However, during that time, you’ve also found that you have an entrepreneurial spirit driven by continued growth, sales, and numbers. Perhaps this is the time for you to open a home health agency and put your skills and spirit to use in a way that helps seniors in your community.
  • Software and technology have always interested you. You have a constant drive to find the “next big thing” in technology and are driven by innovation. Consider how much innovation and evolution are necessary for the healthcare field.
  • You’ve always wanted to own your own business. In fact, you’ve tried more than once but have struggled with branding, marketing, and overall day-to-day operations. Your heart is there, but the path just hasn’t worked out in your favor yet. However, if you were a part of a franchise, you would have a team of business coaches to help you every step of the way and provide you with proven systems to succeed.
  • Are you a Registered Nurse, CNA, or another medical professional? You have been an essential worker on the frontlines for years, and now you see the gaps in care. You want to make a difference in your community and have compassion for those around you. This is the time to start exploring options that offer you the freedom to make decisions you may not have otherwise been allowed. You are not alone in considering this change of pace. In fact, 74% of licensed medical professionals have considered a career shift to home healthcare at one point in their medical career.

Whether these situations sound familiar to you or you’re looking to build a legacy for your family, it is obvious that healthcare is a field where there will always be need – a need to help, a need for care, a need for compassion, a need for services. Forbes has ranked Healthcare as #1 in their article, “The Top 5 Growing Career Fields In 2022,” making this the perfect time to shift your career into the healthcare field.

Finding a Recession-Resistant Business can be tough! It’s time to consider opening a home care franchise. While other large companies are shutting down or laying off a vast majority of their employees, the home care franchise industry is thriving. Bring some certainty back into your own life and help fill a need in your own community! Regardless of the country’s economic state, home healthcare is recession-proof. There will never be a time in which home care services become obsolete.

79% of seniors ages 65+ say their quality of life would be significantly better if they could receive healthcare at home instead of at a hospital or nursing facility if they needed it. The need for home healthcare has always been there. Interim HealthCare has 56 years of experience to help get you started on a path to owning and operating a successful business your community can count on!

Lack of Knowledge About Home Healthcare?

If you haven’t worked in healthcare before, that’s okay! There are plenty of people who make these pivots in life to gain more financial freedom. The most important part of shifting into a new career is diving in and working hard to gain a better understanding of what will make you successful in your new career. Interim HealthCare’s National Support Center will help guide you every step of the way and give you the building blocks for your success.

How You Can Help

Seniors want to age in place, and sometimes, seniors aren’t the only ones who need home healthcare. Since the start of the pandemic, home healthcare has been in the spotlight because it is a safe way for loved ones to get the care they need without the risk of going out of their home for all their healthcare needs. Unfortunately, 29% of Americans believe home healthcare services are only for seniors/aging adults.

According to the Home Health Insights Survey, 65% of Americans would have considered home healthcare an alternative option to a hospital stay if they had known it was an option. Wouldn’t it be amazing to invest in a senior care franchise opportunity and provide your community access to in-home healthcare? We certainly think so.

Interim HealthCare provides the full Continuum of Care to patients. As a franchise owner, you can run a business that provides multiple services, including pediatric care, palliative care, home nursing, and physical therapy – just to name a few. Additionally, Interim HealthCare franchise owners can provide staffing services within their territories.

No Better Time Than Now

So, you’re curious. What’s next? This decision can pivot your career into a more sustainable field and get you one step closer to gaining financial independence. If anything in this article resonates with you and you’re interested in opening a home care business, we would love to connect. Join the conversation, and you’ll see why Interim HealthCare has been titled “Best of the Best,” the #1 Senior Care Franchise, and more!

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