Is Cheddar Flow the Best Unusual Options Activity Scanner? What You Need to Know

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In trading, having a reliable tool can be the difference between soaring profits and staggering losses. Cheddar Flow is one of these tools.

Cheddar Flow is an options order flow platform providing retail traders with real-time data and intelligent analytics to track options order flow in the market. From sifting through dark pool data to identifying unusual options activity, Cheddar Flow gives traders a leg up in making informed decisions.

So, is Cheddar Flow the best unusual options activity scanner out there? That is the primary question this article seeks to answer. We delve deep into Cheddar Flow‘s capabilities, objectively evaluating its features and services. This comprehensive guide will assist you in determining if Cheddar Flow is the trading tool you’ve been searchCheddar Floing for.
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The Founders of Cheddar Flow: Visionaries Behind the Platform

Cheddar Flow, one of the best unusual options activity scanners, was founded by the talented Blaze Kuklinski. Blaze hails from San Francisco, California, and boasts a robust UI/UX design background. This ensures users interact with smooth and efficient digital platforms.

Before embarking on his Cheddar Flow journey, Kuklinski sharpened his design skills at notable companies like Weebly, where he was instrumental in enhancing the mobile experience. He played a pivotal role in leading design experiences for mobile products across both iOS and Android platforms. This stint and his time at Square and Internet Brands have contributed significantly to his expertise in creating user-centric digital solutions.

The inspiration behind Cheddar Flow emanates from Blaze’s passion for designing sophisticated interfaces. Recognizing a gap in the market for a reliable and intuitive options order flow platform, Blaze envisioned Cheddar Flow as a solution to address this need. Drawing from his extensive design experience and understanding of user needs, he created a platform that seamlessly guides users through the intricate world of options trading. It also provides real-time insights and data crucial for informed trading decisions.

Key Features of Cheddar Flow

Real-Time Data

In the dynamic environment of options trading, every second counts. Access to real-time data allows traders to make timely decisions that could be the difference between profit and loss. Cheddar Flow understands this necessity and provides real-time data that gives users an edge in the market.

Intelligent Signal Generator

Making sense of raw data can be overwhelming, especially for those new to options trading. Cheddar Flow’s Intelligent Signal Generator feature simplifies this process by interpreting the data and providing actionable trading signals. This makes it easier for traders to identify promising opportunities without sifting through mountains of information.

Dark Pools Data

Introducing dark pools data is nothing short of a game-changer, particularly for those who opt for the Professional plan. Dark pools are private financial exchanges that enable securities trading outside traditional public exchanges. By offering data from these dark pools, Cheddar Flow allows traders to monitor the hidden movements of institutional investors. This provides a competitive advantage in formulating trading strategies.

Additional Features                  

Cheddar Flow goes beyond the basics by offering technical charts powered by TradingView, which supports hundreds of technical indicators for comprehensive analysis. The platform also allows users to set watchlists for tracking specific stocks. It provides desktop alerts to keep traders in the loop.

Is Cheddar Flow the Best Unusual Options Activity Scanner for Feature Set?

With an array of powerful features, Cheddar Flow makes a compelling case for being the best unusual options activity scanner in the market. Its additional functionalities, such as technical charts and watchlists, add layers of convenience.

In conclusion, Cheddar Flow offers a feature-rich environment that empowers traders at all levels to make well-informed decisions. Its range of offerings puts it on the list of tools designed to succeed in options trading.

Cheddar Flow’s Pricing and Plans

Cheddar Flow offers two main subscription plans to cater to different types of traders.

Standard Plan: $85/month

Starting with the Standard Plan, priced at $85 per month, subscribers can access many basic yet essential features. This includes real-time order flow data, overview insights, usual volume metrics, and historical data. Additionally, users can utilize advanced filters to streamline their trading approach. The Standard Plan offers a solid entry point for those looking to get their feet wet in options trading.

Professional Plan: $95/month or $891/year

For traders seeking more advanced features, the Professional Plan is available for $95 per month or $891 per year—a 25% discount when billed annually.

This plan takes the offerings up a notch, adding custom watchlists, desktop alerts, and, most notably, dark pools data. The Professional Plan provides a comprehensive toolkit for traders serious about gaining a competitive edge.

Free Trial: Test the Waters

Cheddar Flow offers a 7-day free trial for the Standard Plan if you’re on the fence about committing to a subscription. This trial allows potential users to test the platform’s capabilities before committing financially.

The various pricing options make Cheddar Flow accessible to traders with different needs and budgets. Whether you’re a newcomer or an advanced trader, Cheddar Flow has a pricing plan that matches your trading goals.

Conclusion: Is Cheddar Flow the Best Unusual Options Activity Scanner?

Cheddar Flow presents a comprehensive package for traders looking to delve deep into options trading. The platform brings a robust set of features to the table, from real-time data to an intelligent signal generator and the lucrative inclusion of dark pools data.

Its two main subscription plans, Standard and Professional, offer various services catering to different needs. The 7-day free trial allows potential users to test the platform before committing financially.

So, is Cheddar Flow the best unusual options activity scanner? While it’s difficult to give a one-size-fits-all answer, the platform does offer a robust feature set that outweighs its limitations for most traders. Cheddar Flow deserves serious consideration if you’re seeking a well-rounded, data-rich platform for options trading.

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