Is Earn2Trade a Scam?


If you’re considering using Earn2Trade for your trading and investment needs, you may be wondering if it’s a legitimate platform or just another scam. With many options available in the market today, it’s crucial to do thorough research and ensure you’re choosing a platform you can trust with your hard-earned money.

In this comprehensive article, we’ll analyze Earn2Trade in detail to determine if it’s a legitimate platform and if it’s worth your investment. Let’s dive into the details and find out if Earn2Trade is a scam!
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Company Background

Earn2Trade is an education and proprietary trading firm that offers a range of learning resources and trading services to its users. Founded in 2017, the company aims to help aspiring traders learn the skills necessary to succeed in the financial markets and provide them with an opportunity to join a proprietary trading firm upon successfully passing their trading evaluations.

Headquartered in the United States, Earn2Trade has quickly gained popularity among traders for its comprehensive educational content and practical evaluation programs. Moreover, the company emphasizes its commitment to maintaining a high level of transparency and ethics in its services.

Despite being relatively new to the industry, Earn2Trade has garnered a positive reputation for its quality resources and focus on trader success. However, it’s essential to consider various aspects of the platform, its features, pros and cons, security, and more before making any decisions.

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Educational Resources and Trading Evaluations

Earn2Trade offers a wide array of educational resources targeted at both beginner and experienced traders. The platform’s learning materials include video courses, webinars, quizzes, and access to a community forum where users can share tips and advice with one another. Some of the main features and services provided by Earn2Trade include:

Trader Career Path

Embarking on a career as a trader can be both exciting and challenging. The Trader Career Path offers a clear, step-by-step plan for aspiring traders to build their skills, gain experience, and achieve professional success in the world of futures trading.

The Trader Career Path is the ideal choice for those seeking a structured approach to building a successful trading career. By starting with a rigorous examination and progressing through live accounts, you will develop your trading skills, demonstrate your proficiency, and ultimately gain the opportunity to trade at a professional level.

Gauntlet™ and Gauntlet Mini™ Evaluations

These trading evaluations are designed to assess traders’ skills and knowledge by testing them in a simulated trading environment. Successful participants can receive funding offers from proprietary trading firms partnered with Earn2Trade.

The Gauntlet™ evaluation consists of a 60-day trading challenge with specific rules and requirements, such as maintaining a minimum account balance and adhering to daily and maximum loss limits. On the other hand, the Gauntlet Mini™ is a 15 to 45 day trading challenge, offering traders flexibility in choosing the duration that best fits their needs.

In addition to the evaluation programs, Earn2Trade also offers a live trading simulator for users to practice without risking real money.

Pros and Cons of Earn2Trade

As with any platform, there are pros and cons to consider when determining if Earn2Trade is suitable for your needs.


  • Comprehensive educational resources suitable for both beginner and experienced traders
  • Trading evaluations provide a practical assessment of skills and potential funding opportunities
  • A focus on risk management and trading psychology, which are crucial elements for successful trading
  • Access to a community forum for sharing tips and advice
  • No hidden fees or commissions in their evaluation programs


  • The platform may not be suitable for traders who aren’t interested in pursuing proprietary trading opportunities
  • Some users may find the pricing for the educational resources and evaluations to be relatively high compared to competitors

Security and Privacy

Although Earn2Trade is not a traditional financial institution or investment platform, the company still takes the security and privacy of its users seriously. Users should feel confident that their personal information and data are safe and secure.

  • Data Encryption: Earn2Trade uses industry-standard encryption measures to protect user data during transmission and storage.
  • Privacy Policy: The company has a transparent privacy policy outlining its data collection, use, and sharing practices. Earn2Trade does not sell user data to third parties.
  • Website Security: Earn2Trade uses HTTPS protocol, which ensures a secure connection between user devices and the website.

Addressing the Negative

One negative customer review mentioned issues with trading limitations and not being able to trade their preferred currency. However, these limitations are likely specific to the evaluation programs and their respective rules rather than a reflection of the platform’s overall quality and legitimacy.

“They will connect your account with NinjaTrader, and NinjaTrader lets you trade at least one lot for $550 max daily loss. If the market moves 50 points, you lose everything. I am a EUR/USD trader at Windsor Broker, and they won’t let me trade forex. They let me trade ES, of course; I will fail. I don’t know anything about ES.” – Negative Customer Review

It’s essential to understand and abide by the rules and requirements of the evaluation programs, as they are designed to assess your abilities and risk management skills. These limitations should be viewed as a challenge for traders to develop and demonstrate competence, rather than a fault within the platform.

Final Thoughts – Is Earn2Trade a Scam?

After evaluating Earn2Trade’s background, features, pros, and cons, and security measures, we can conclude that Earn2Trade is a legitimate educational and trading platform. It offers high-quality resources and practical evaluations that can help traders improve their skills and potentially access funding opportunities.

While it may not be suitable for traders who don’t wish to pursue proprietary trading, Earn2Trade provides value for those interested in honing their skills and seeking opportunities in this area.

Therefore, if you’re considering Earn2Trade for your trading journey and education, our verdict is that the platform is not a scam. However, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research and consider your personal goals and preferences before making any decisions. Click here to get started with Earn2Trade today.

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