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Trading with the best prop trading firm can be an exhilarating and challenging journey. With so many prop trading firms vying for your attention, making an informed decision becomes paramount.

Among these, “Take Profit Trader” has made its presence felt. But the million-dollar question remains: Is it the right platform for you? This Take Profit Trader Review dives deep into its offerings and will help you make an informed decision.
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Pros of Take Profit Traders


  • Quick withdrawals
  • A profit split of 80%
  • You’re allowed up to three resets if you opt for their pro account.
  • There are multiple trading platforms.
  • Different future tools
  • PRO account comes with a one-time fee
  • Realistic and achievable profit target.
  • Reward traders with challenges


  • There’s no avenue for forex, stock, or crypto trades.
  • No MetaTrader platforms yet.
  • Automated trading isn’t an option here.
  • Restriction when it comes to news trading and overnight trading
  • Payment for monthly evaluation

Take Profit Overview

Among the best futures prop trading firms, Take Profit offers something different, especially for those wanting to handle a lot of capital but are scared of risking too much. It’s all about finding balance and ensuring risk management.

James Sixsmith founded Take Profit Trader, not just as a company but as a dream. He realized that newbies in trading often stumbled and faced challenges. So, he shaped a platform that focused on teaching them properly and reducing risks.

Imagine a place where futures traders get the capital they need and protection from unexpected lows. That’s what this platform is all about.

How Does It All Work?

Curious about how to start with Take Profit Trader? It’s clear and simple. Pick what you want to trade and decide how much capital you want to work with. Currently, the company focuses on futures markets, but there’s talk of introducing stocks, forex, and even crypto soon.

Remember, trading isn’t just about making money. It’s about showing your trading skills. You aim for a profit target but must also follow important rules.

If you do well, you earn the title of a successful trader with a real funded account. The best part? You get to keep a huge chunk of your profits.

Details on Accounts and Benefits

Traders are all different. Some like to play it safe, while others like to go big. Recognizing this, Take Profit Trader offers a wide range of account sizes.

You can start as low as $25,000 or up to $150,000. Depending on your choice, you might pay anywhere from $150 to $360 each month.

The trading days with Take Profit Trader are planned out in steps. First, you show them what you’ve got. You can access a funded account if you follow the rules and do well.

Are you someone who always wants a little extra? Check out the PRO+ membership. It gives you an even bigger share of the profits. Plus, it gives you a bit more freedom when trading.

With Take Profit Trader, speed is of the essence. You can dive into the market once they see you’re good. And when you’ve earned enough? Withdrawing your funds is quick and hassle-free.

Support & Resources

The company removes the technical hassle off your plate, letting you focus on refining your trading skills. Their risk management system acts like a sturdy anchor, ensuring you stay grounded.

Seeking a community of professional traders? Their private Discord channel is buzzing with activity. It’s a space to network with beginner traders and seasoned pros. Their head traders regularly impart their wisdom, enhancing your trading experience.

Worried about losses? Their risk-of-ruin system stands guard. And for those on their Pro Accounts, they offer a safety net, absorbing some losses to ensure your initial capital remains largely untouched.

Is Take Profit Trader Worth Your Trust?

It’s natural to yearn for assurance when venturing into the prop trading industry. With major players like JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America sidelined due to regulations, platforms like Take Profit Trader step in.

Trustpilot reviews suggest a positive trend for them, with a 4.4/5 rating. However, like all proprietary trading companies, they’ve faced some criticism. A few users have pointed out inconsistencies in evaluation goals and occasional communication delays.

As you explore and evaluate Take Profit Trader, consider your trading style, goals, and the financial instruments you wish to focus on. No platform is a one-size-fits-all, but your journey to becoming a profitable trader can be smoother with the right match.

Drawing the Curtain Positioning itself as a catalyst for trader growth, Take Profit Trader offers transparency, invaluable education, and robust support. While they specialize in futures trading, they’ve hinted at diversifying soon.

A few areas might raise eyebrows, like the absence of certain trading platforms or the evaluation fee. But overall, the platform offers more pros than cons. So, if you aim to maximize profits with controlled risks, this might be your prop trading firm.

Wrapping Up: Is Take Profit Trader The Best Prop Trading Firm

Take Profit Trader emerges as a strong contender, providing traders with an arsenal of tools, education, and a supportive community.

While every trader’s experience and needs are unique, the offerings of Take Profit Trader seem tailored to accommodate both the novice and the seasoned. From flexible account sizes to a strong emphasis on risk management, the platform has addressed many of the concerns traders might have.

The few areas of concern are overshadowed by the myriad of benefits provided. As with any decision in the financial realm, due diligence is essential. Ready to embark on this trading voyage? Click here to sign up, and don’t forget to use our Take Profit coupon code for added benefits.

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