Is the Post Office Open on Columbus Day 2022?

Is the Post Office Open on Columbus Day 2022?

Columbus Day has long been a federal holiday when the entire country stops for a moment and people can enjoy a long weekend. Since most places of business close to observe the day, this means it will also affect the U.S. Postal Service. So if you are wondering “Is the post office open on Columbus Day 2022?”, here’s what you need to know about their holiday hours.

Is the Post Office Open on Columbus Day 2022?

This year, the holiday falls on Monday, October 10. So, many schools, offices, banks, and retailers will take the day off in observance. Since Columbus Day is one of the federally observed holidays, the post office will not be open either. Your local carriers will not be delivering regular mail or packages this day, so make sure to plan around it. For those who are expecting important packages, you could pay for expedited services to receive them sooner. But if your errand can wait, the post office will open the following day during their regular hours.

Postal Service Holidays for 2022

Below is a list of all the federal holidays when the post office will shut its doors and cancel services.

  • New Year’s Day: Saturday, January 1
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Monday, January 17
  • Presidents Day: Monday, February 21
  • Memorial Day: Monday, May 30
  • Juneteenth – Monday, June 20 (observed)
  • Independence Day: Monday, July 4
  • Labor Day: Monday, September 5
  • Columbus Day: Monday, October 10
  • Veterans Day: Friday, November 11
  • Thanksgiving: Thursday, November 24
  • Christmas: Monday, December 26 (observed)

Are There Other Delivery Service Options?

Although physical locations may be closed, you can still access some of the postal services online. Simply create an account and log in to whenever you need to order stamps, boxes, or other mailing supplies. You can also print shipping labels and request pickups. Their website is easy to navigate and available 24/7. And don’t forget, you still have the option to drop your parcels off in a blue box. However, they won’t get picked up until the next day

If you have something urgent to send over the weekend, private delivery services like UPS and FedEx only shut their doors on major holidays like New Year’s Day, the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Even then, they offer limited services. So if you have an important package that can’t wait, you still have options. Both will be making deliveries on Columbus Day (Indigenous People’s Day). While UPS will follow its usual hours of operation, FedEx Ground Economy will have modified services. You can use their store locator to find the location nearest you. But, be sure to check their schedule since it can vary by location.

Although it is inconvenient when places close for holidays, it’s good for everyone to take a long weekend. One way to avoid issues is to familiarize yourself with the USPS schedule so you can plan ahead. And even if something urgent comes up, there will still be delivery services available.

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