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Seeking a competitive advantage in options trading? Identifying unusual options activity can significantly benefit traders adept at deciphering what these trading volume spikes might indicate about future stock movements.

With the right tools to track these anomalies, traders can position themselves to capture potentially higher returns. This discussion aims to shed light on the premier unusual options activity scanners available, catering to both retail traders and institutional investors with a suite of robust functionalities.

Enter Unusual Whales, a distinctive platform designed specifically for monitoring options order flow, enabling traders to keep tabs on significant, out-of-the-norm options activities. The creation of Unusual Whales was motivated by the goal of providing traders with insights into lucrative options trading opportunities through the observation of unusual market activities.

The platform stands out not only for its core functionality but also for a comprehensive array of additional features such as alerts, live feeds, in-depth research tools, calculators, and screeners.

So, is Unusual Whales the best unusual options activity scanner on the market? Continue with my in-depth Unusual Whales review to discover everything there is to know to determine for yourself.

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Unusual Whales Features

In order to determine if Unusual Whales is the best unusual options activity scanner on the market for you, will depend on your needs. I will list the benefits of Unusual Whales, so you can see if they align with your needs:

  • Options Flow Feed: This feature is indispensable for options traders seeking real-time updates on large option contracts. It provides detailed insights into options volume, trade direction, and premiums, essential for spotting potential profitable trades.
  • Dark Pool Feed: Tailored for traders interested in exploring beyond the surface, this feed uncovers options trades in dark pools, offering a glimpse into the smart money movements that could indicate significant market shifts.
  • Options Analysis Tools: With interactive charts and advanced charting tools, traders can dissect options volume and open interest across various option contracts, empowering their trading decisions with valuable insights.
  • Options Profit Calculator: This tool is a boon for traders employing complex options strategies, allowing them to forecast the outcomes of their trades based on current market conditions.
  • Unusual Options Activity Alerts: For those tracking smart money, real-time alerts on unusual activity offer a critical advantage, signaling when and where to focus for potentially lucrative options trade opportunities.
  • Stock Screener: A powerful tool for both options traders and day traders, this screener integrates options screeners functionalities, aiding in the selection of stocks based on specific criteria related to options contract and overall market movements.
  • Market Data and News Feed: Provides retail investors and active traders with the latest market insights and economic indicators, crucial for informed decision-making.
  • Community and Politician Tracker: A unique feature offering a dual advantage – a vibrant community for exchanging strategies and a tracker that offers insights into trades made by U.S. congresspeople, revealing trends that might affect market movements.

Unusual Whales Pricing

Another important factor when determining if Unusual Whales is the best unusual options scanner is the price. It doesn’t matter how good it is if you can’t afford it, am I right?

Luckily, a subscription with Unusual Whales won’t break the bank. They have two options for its users: a no-cost plan and a paid subscription.

Free Version: $0

Paid Subscription: $48 monthly or $528 annually

Opting for the paid subscription not only unlocks all features but also grants you access to their Discord community, a highlight many users claim is worth the subscription fee by itself. On the free version, you’re limited to viewing public tweets without any extra insights.

Is Unusual Whales The Best Unusual Options Activity Scanner?

Choosing the top tool for tracking unusual options activity really comes down to what you’re looking for in a trading aid. Unusual Whales stands out in this niche, offering something quite special for both newcomers and veterans in the world of options trading.

With its capability to provide instant updates on every options trade happening across U.S. exchanges, it hands traders the keys to a treasure trove of actionable information. Beyond just data, Unusual Whales packs a punch with a suite of powerful features, all accessible through its sleek mobile app, making it a versatile platform for traders on the go.

Especially for those with a bit more experience under their belts, Unusual Whales shines by offering deep insights into order flows, giving retail stock and options traders the edge they need to sniff out potential trades like a pro. The platform isn’t just resting on its laurels, either; it’s always on the move, adding new tools and features designed to give you an edge over the big institutional moves that can sway the market.

In short, if your trading strategy thrives on real-time data and the ability to quickly adapt to market movements, Unusual Whales is definitely worth a look. It’s a robust platform that brings a lot to the table for traders aiming to capitalize on the market’s hidden signals. Click Here to get started today.

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