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motley fool stock advisor review

For a fresh review of The Motley Fool‘s stock picks, see our updated post.

The stock market has been the center of attention for a lot of news outlets since my last update on the ongoing Motley Fool stock advisor review. Over the past month, Redditors found a way to “break” the stock market code and suddenly GameStop was being traded at an all-time high. It seemed like we were living in some kind of fantasy world there for a minute. Trading experts were even baffled by what happened.

A Look At My Progress

I’ve been practicing not checking the market every day and letting my investments “do their thing.” So, I haven’t taken a look at my last stock picks since I made them. As previously mentioned, I have been using the Investopedia stock simulator to test The Motley Fool‘s picks. Honestly, I am floored by the results of this month! Take a look…

motley fool stock advisor review

You’re reading that right: 95% annual return. Every single one of my investments is up since the last time I checked. If you recall, I changed my investments greatly last month. I kept Pinterest and Zoom and sold the rest of my stocks because they were losing money. Plus, they were no longer being suggested by The Motley Fool.

So, taking the new recommendations into consideration, I added Fiverr and Disney to my portfolio. As you can see, both of these investments have done well. Fivver, in the time it has been in my portfolio, has jumped from $238 to $320 per share. Disney has had more of a modest increase, but an increase nonetheless. Pinterest, which I’ve had since starting The Motley Fool review, has nearly doubled in value.

For now, because my portfolio is looking strong, I am not going to make any changes. We will see how these investments continue to perform in the coming month. I’m hoping to continue to see high returns, as illustrated above.

Does My Initial Motley Fool Stock Advisor Review Stand?

In the end, my initial thoughts on The Motley Fool still stand. It is a great stock picking service for investing newbies, like myself. For more seasoned investors, the service probably doesn’t offer much. I’ve seen some negative reviews from individuals who probably know more about the market than the average bear. However, for a beginner, I think the service has a lot to offer.

Not only have my investments done well when I’ve followed their recommendations, but I have been able to take a look at each company and get historic data. You can see patterns in certain industries (like the rise of the tech industry now). All of this information can help someone unfamiliar with the market learn what they need to know to be a successful investor.

The service can also teach you a lot about your risk tolerance. I, for one, am not someone who would ever check the market on a daily basis. But, if I check my portfolio and see it is down, I will start trading (as evidenced in my last update).

All in all, The Motley Fool stock advisor teaches you a lot about investing in the stock market and who you are as an investor. If you are looking to learn more, it is a great place to start. Plus, it is an affordable price for expert advice.

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