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High-risk trading on a small account isn’t the wisest path when it comes to growing your trading capital. The forex market’s accessibility has led many traders to over-leverage their accounts, all in pursuit of those six-figure profits.

But what if you could start trading with a six-figure account from day one? Ment Funding is a forex prop firm offering funding of up to $1,000,000.

Because of this Ment Funding is quickly establishing itself in the industry, and there are good reasons why. So let’s dive into what makes them so exceptional by looking at the features and benefits as well as what people are saying about the prop firm!

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Pros & Cons


  • Up to $1 Million in funding
  • Great profit split (75%)
  • Eightcap backed
  • Tons of options for trading
  • No min. and max. limits


  • 110 leverage
  • Holding unavailable on weekends
  • High trailing drawdown (6%)

What Is Ment Funding?

Ment Funding is a prop trading firm empowering traders with the opportunity to trade up to $2,000,000 per account. Unlike many prop trading firms, they offer a straightforward one-step evaluation program. Traders enjoy a fair trading environment that permits news event participation and overnight positions.

To qualify for funding, traders must pass the one-step evaluation, leading to a generous 75% profit split on their earnings.

The one-step evaluation program includes seven account sizes, with traders aiming for a 10% profit target while staying within a 5% maximum daily loss and a 6% maximum trailing drawdown. Successful completion unlocks a funded account without profit targets, only adhering to the 5% daily loss and 6% drawdown rules.

Payouts are available after three days and monthly after that. There are no minimum or maximum trading day requirements, and traders can engage in news events and hold positions overnight. Evaluation accounts allow for a scaling plan to increase lot size limits as profits grow in funded accounts.

Ment Funding: All About the Process

Ment Funding follows a straightforward process to allow traders to prove themselves and access live-funded accounts. Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

Evaluation Phase:

  • Traders begin with a one-step evaluation program.
  • Goals include reaching a 10% profit target while staying within a 5% maximum daily loss and 6% maximum trailing drawdown.
  • No specific minimum or maximum trading day requirements; success hinges on hitting the profit target.

Funded Account:

  • Successful evaluation leads to a funded account.
  • No profit targets at this stage, but traders must abide by the 5% maximum daily loss and 6% maximum loss rules.
  • After three days of trading, traders can request their first payout, featuring a 75% profit split.
  • Subsequent payouts occur monthly.

Scaling Opportunity:

  • Ment Funding offers traders the chance to scale their accounts.
  • With each 5% increase in the account balance, the maximum lot size allowed on the account grows.

This feature enables traders to compound their accounts, enhance scalability with higher leverage, and cater to the needs of seasoned traders.

Who is Ment Funding For?

Are you wondering if Ment Funding is the right fit for your trading goals? Let’s break it down. Here’s who Ment Funding is best suited for:

  • Experienced Traders: Ment Funding is great for experienced traders who have a solid grasp of the markets and want to access substantial capital to amplify their trading strategies.
  • Intermediate Traders: Intermediate traders looking to grow their skills and capital can benefit from Ment Funding’s straightforward evaluation process and the opportunity to scale their accounts as they progress.
  • Low-Risk Tolerant Traders: Those prioritizing risk management will appreciate Ment Funding’s rules that limit daily losses and trailing drawdowns, providing a safety net while trading.
  • Day Traders: Traders who enjoy frequent trading and want to participate in market events actively will really get a lot from Ment Funding’s flexibility in terms of trading days and strategies.
  • Newbie Traders: Those looking to learn and refine their trading skills will benefit greatly from Ment Funding’s educational materials, trading analysis tools, and the supportive trader community.

What People Say…

Overall Rating: 4.8

“My point of view is that mentfunding is here for traders, if you have done swing, intraday, scalping you are welcome to mentfunding. But don’t forget when buying a challenge to add a percentage (add-on) to be able to hold your trade during the weekend if you are a swinger.”- Arthur

“My overall experience was good and I give props to Anton/the owner for his tenacity and drive. And we would all do well to be softer and more empathetic with one another! ;)” – Ryan Dennison

“MentFunding is a standout prop firm that goes beyond the ordinary. With its provision of trading up to 2 million funds, 1 step evaluation and exciting free competitions, it offers traders a unique avenue for growth. The combination of financial backing and competitive opportunities sets MentFunding apart, making it an excellent platform for ambitious traders to make their mark in the trading world forever. I love mentfunding.” – SMC

“Ment Funding is a reputable and trusted prop firm that offers aspiring traders an opportunity to showcase their skills and earn significant profits.

I am very impressed with their supportive and transparent environment, they provide funding, cutting-edge tools, and comprehensive. Their commitment to growth sets them apart, making them a top choice for traders.” – Dave N.

“Absolutely lovely firm. What strikes them out from others is the system put in place to reward genuinely good traders who put in their time and not gamblers. Lovely support team all the way too!” – Dino

Ment Funding – Final Thought

Ment Funding proves to be a valuable option for forex traders seeking capital to support their trades. Thanks to its diverse funding levels and robust risk management measures, the prop firm offers a versatile and secure path to trading with funded accounts across forex, commodities, and stock markets.

Beyond its core offerings, Ment Funding goes the extra mile by providing an array of supplementary tools and resources to empower traders on their journey to success. These assets prove especially advantageous for novice traders aiming to enhance their skills and gain insights from seasoned traders in the field. Click here to find out more.

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