More Than Just a Haircut Franchise!

Highlights in this blog:

  1. Growing Market Demand: The haircut franchise industry is experiencing increasing demand as consumers prioritize grooming and self-care, presenting a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs.
  2. Turnkey Solutions: Invest in a haircut franchise to access turnkey solutions that streamline operations and minimize the complexities of starting a business, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences.
  3. Community Engagement: A haircut franchise provides a platform for community engagement, allowing franchise owners to build meaningful relationships with customers and contribute positively to their local neighborhoods.
Best Haircut Franchise

Fashion and beauty move fast, and consumers keeping up with trends aren’t settling for just any hair salon. Neither are customers with classic looks. Traditional styles must be updated in ways that keep them from looking outdated. That means today’s hair salon franchise must do much more than cut hair.

We need to offer versatile services that keep up with trends in fashion and beauty. Our goal is to boost our customers’ confidence and give them a pep in their step because they feel great about themselves and their look, however classic or fashion-forward.

This often requires multiple salon services that go beyond being a simple haircut franchise.

Quality Salon Services

Fantastic Sams is a full-service hair and beauty salon business dedicated to making our customers look and feel their best. Our hair salon franchise serves the whole family, too. We aren’t limited to being a men’s haircut franchise, nor do we only do haircuts for kids. Our menu of services is versatile for everyone.

Haircutting Services

At our core as a hair salon franchise, we offer haircuts for men, women, teens, and children. Haircuts are a foundational piece of any good hair salon business model, and our stylists stay up-to-date with the latest styles and techniques that keep our clients looking their best every day. Every haircut begins with a comprehensive consultation and includes a complimentary shampoo, so each guest will love their look.

Coloring Services

No other area of the beauty industry has exploded lately quite like color. Hair salon franchises that distinguish themselves from the rest take color services to a whole new level and we’re no different at Fantastic Sams.

We’re experts in single-process color, retouching, blending coverage, trend colors, partial or full highlights, and lowlights. We help our clients discover what looks great on them while helping them care for their hair at the same time.

Best Haircut Franchise

Styling Services

Our hair salon franchise is all about style, whether it’s for a date, a special occasion, or just to look great! We can do it all, from a simple blow dry, set and curl, or formal styling, including up-dos, braids, and more. Whether the look is sleek or soft or somewhere in between, we provide styling services that turn heads.

Hair Repair Treatments

Sometimes styling hair can overtax it, with the heat and the products and the chemicals. When our clients’ hair needs a break or even a boost after particularly rigorous styling, we can help. We offer moisture replenishing and protein repair services. For some, hair detox therapy may be the answer. Each service comes with shampoo after a complete consultation to determine the best treatment for hair repair.

Texture Services

Texture can add interest, volume, and depth to a style and completely change a client’s look. Whether it’s a smooth, glossy style or a fun, relaxed wave, texture can boost a mood and level up confidence. We provide texture services like permanent waves, specialty permanents, keratin/smoothing, relaxers, and permanent straightening.

Waxing Services

Wax hair services are some of our most popular offerings. Plucking those stray unwanted hairs can be painful and time-consuming. Having a treatment that takes care of eyebrow shaping, upper lip, or chin hairs all at once can be a big time and sanity saver. Eyebrow tinting is another of our grooming services available at select Fantastic Sams hair salon franchise locations.

Hair Extension Services

Hair extensions are a fantastic way to add volume and length to a hairstyle while keeping up with today’s trends. They’re great for a put-together style suitable for any occasion, and they can be long-lasting. Hair extensions also don’t require special techniques to care for them—just brush and style as normal!

Hair extensions are available at select Fantastic Sams hair salon franchise locations.

Investing in One of the Top Hair Salon Franchises

Fantastic Sams isn’t just a haircut franchise focused on creating great experiences and looks for our customers. We want to give our qualified investors and franchise owners a bright future through our hair salon franchise opportunities. Having been in business for nearly 50 years, we have a business model that has stood the test of time.

Being at the forefront of the beauty industry isn’t easy. Performing well consistently for decades with a brand that people recognize and trust is even harder. We’re proud of what we’ve built, and we’re thrilled to share our franchise opportunity with qualified investors looking to open their own hair salon.

Now is the perfect time to consider opening a hair salon franchise with a proven business model that’s recession-proof and requires a low initial investment.

Investors can expect an initial investment range between $150,500 and $332,000, which includes the franchise fee of $30,000.

Fantastic Sams Supports Franchise Owners

Ours is one of the most supportive hair salon franchises in the salon industry for investors who sign a franchise agreement. That’s because we put people before everything.

We’re interested in seeing our people create the brightest future they can for themselves, and we’re here to provide the support that helps them do just that. We’ve built a scalable franchise model, so franchise owners can build a business that’s as big as they want it to be.

Our support includes:

  • Expert advice on site location and built-out assistance.
  • Extensive training for daily operations, including technology usage, building your team, and training systems.
  • Access to our confidential operations manual, an invaluable daily operations resource.
  • On-site launch assistance for the best salon franchise opening possible.
  • Continued training and periodic support visits that assist with marketing operations, maintenance, and financial administration.
  • Support with approved vendors for the best supplies and equipment to run your salon franchise.
  • Modern technology tools for inventory tracking, scheduling, payroll, POS, accounting, and more.
  • Extensive marketing support and access to brand-wide marketing strategies and website assistance for a cohesive franchise message to keep a consistent brand message for your local market and beyond.

Once you become part of the Fantastic Sams family, we provide initial and ongoing support so you can provide beauty services people love.

Are you ready to become part of an organization of beauty professionals that makes affordable services feel luxurious while creating an amazing future for yourself and your stylists?

Contact us today to get started!

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