Most Popular Toronto Renovations to Make This Spring

Spring is almost upon us, and with it comes the most popular time for home improvements and renovations. After a winter spent cooped up in our homes, homeowners will have noticed areas that need improvement or replacing.

Home renovations have been increasingly popular in the last few years, and that trend is likely to remain the same this spring. Popular renovations can differ depending on the region, and there are some specific ones Torontonians are expected to invest in this year.

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Check out the most popular home renovations expected to be made in Toronto this spring.


After such a long, cold winter, Toronto homeowners will have noticed if their windows aren’t performing as they used to. Homeowners who have noticed leaks and drafts may consider resealing or replacing their windows for better warmth and comfort when next winter comes.

A popular option will be triple glazed windows, as they are the best choice to stand up against Toronto winters. No matter which window product is chosen, it’s best to get them from local Ontario window manufacturers who know the importance of quality windows.


Homeowners have invested heavily in upgrading their homes the last few years with all the time spent inside due to lockdowns. Many will now turn to exterior renovations, and after a harsh winter filled with so much snow and salt, driveways and walkways have taken quite a beating. Expect to see repaving of driveways and walkways once temperatures make their way back up.

Outdoor Areas

Many of us have been eagerly anticipating when we can get back outside for patio parties and barbecues. Deck renovations will be high on the list once the snow melts and spring is finally sprung. Decks have become an increasingly high-traffic area, so homeowners might consider replacing worn decks. For decks that need a little TLC, some sanding and repainting will have it looking brand new again.

Even if lockdowns are hopefully gone for good, people aren’t going to be saying goodbye to entertaining outdoors. Investments in full outdoor kitchens, comfortable seating areas and cozy firepits will continue to grow this spring.


Even for those who plan to spend as much of the spring and summer outdoors as possible, there are still plenty of touch-ups inside that homeowners are getting excited about. As the sun starts to shine, old drab paint jobs become far more apparent, and many homes will need a fresh coat of paint. This is an affordable and easy upgrade to make and allows for the opportunity to change up the colour scheme for a fresh new look to make a home feel like new.

As the snow turns to rain and flowers begin to bloom, homeowners will be looking for new ways to freshen up their homes and make them more comfortable and convenient for whatever life throws at them next. These popular renovation trends are just some ways to make that happen.

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