New Head of Debt Review At Standard Bank

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SBSA Head of Debt Review Appointed

Standard Bank have appointed a new Head of Debt Review to fill the gap left by Kershnee Naidoo.

Change is inevitable.We don’t have to like it but it is pretty much a constant in life. Often change presents new opportunities and allows for adjustments in the way we do things.

It was a significant change for Debt Counsellors when it was announced that Kershnee Naidoo who had been a long time staple was moving on from the Standard Bank Debt Review department. A short while has now passed and after looking around externally and internally Standard Bank have now announced who will be filling the role, namely Dheshini Naidoo.

Dheshini has been with Standard Bank for some time (she worked on the Credit Strategy Team from 2017). Dheshini is no stranger to debt review as she worked in tandem with the department in the past and moved to join the department back in July 2021.  Dheshini has since been managing the Strategy & Portfolio Insights and Quality Assurance Teams so she is well familiar with the day to day of debt review and the Standard Bank team.


The Debtfree Magazine team want to wish Dheshini well in her new role.



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