New PoPI Measures From SBSA

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Standard Bank New PoPI Measures

Standard Bank are adding a new level of data protection when emailing Debt Counsellors certain documents.

Standard Bank debt review have notified Debt Counsellors that from mid October 2022 they are adding an extra level of data protection to their emails about certain topics.

In a message to Debt Counsellors they said that: ‘from the 14 of October 2022 all section 88(3) termination notices, counter proposal follow up letters and past set down follow up letters will be encrypted with a unique password.

In the past, SBSA had a very simple system for issuing Debt Counsellors with a “password” to open documents but this will now be replaced by the new process, for these documents:

88(3) termination notices

counter proposal follow up letter

past set down follow up letters

So, How Will It Work?

They have said that: ‘each Debt Counselling Firm will be provided with a unique password together with the training guide in respect of “how to” open the encrypted attachments via email by the 11of October 2022. The unique password will be used to open all three of the abovementioned documents’.

It is good to see everyone embracing ways to help protect consumers’ data better.


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