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Perspire Sauna Studio uses infrared lights instead of the traditional steam in its saunas. The brand is tapping cutting-edge research to market the benefits.

Infrared sauna franchise Perspire Sauna Studio continues to focus on the scientific benefits of its practices through the hiring of its health and science director. In the new role, Rachelle Reed will pioneer studies to prove what Perspire can do for its clients.

“Very often, companies say they are science backed and want to have that as part of their description,” said Reed, who joined the company late last year. “Yet so few companies invest in a person to help drive that.”

With a doctorate in kinesiology from the University of Georgia, Reed focuses on health related to movement and metabolism—and the psychological side to both.

“I’ve always been interested in this conundrum,” said Reed. “There’s no shortage of health and wellness information out there, yet it’s really hard for people to maintain behaviors over time.”


Rachelle Reed is Perspire’s health and science director.

She began her career in franchising with Pure Barre as manager of training development and barre kinesiologist. She created programs and collaborated with Pure Barre’s marketing department to highlight the science behind the exercise. After Xponential Fitness bought the company, Reed went to Orangetheory Fitness and later found new life in the wellness space through infrared sauna franchise SweatHouz.

Her role at the smaller brand changed her view on what her work could accomplish, so she continued working with emerging concepts.

“Growing up as a scientist, you’re a scientist, not a business person,” said Reed. “I needed that different perspective on how that affects a business.”

What drew her to Perspire was CEO Lee Braun’s interest in backing up his claims with scientific evidence. As director of health and science, Reed ensures Perspire’s studio teams have up-to-date information regarding these therapies. The brand aims to deploy easy-to-understand marketing materials to teach the public about the services of its nearly 50 locations.

The initial investment required to open a Perspire studio ranges from $425,300 to $736,940. Average unit volume in 2022 for locations open the entire year was $536,534, according to the brand’s Item 19.

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Reed is part of innovations coming for the brand, but declined to disclose details, other than saying anything developed would roll out in corporate studios first before going into franchised locations.

“This is like the scientific method in real life,” said Reed. “If we want to test something, we need to pilot it.”

Perspire partnered with New York University to lead a study on heat therapy’s impact on sleep and cognitive stability. Reed is a main player in the partnership, communicating with each team about the findings and applying that knowledge to the brand. Studies out of Finland have shown possible links, Reed said, but this study will cover data from several studios, rather than just self-reports.

Reed sees her role as essential to any brand looking to put its money where its mouth is regarding research. 

“We want to make sure we’re asking the questions that consumers want the answers to,” said Reed. “That both improves where the field of study is from a research and science perspective, and can further differentiate the business from its competitors.”


Perspire, which was established in 2010, is nearing the 50-unit mark.

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