Pet groomer

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Dog groomer van

Average pay: £22,930 a year (Glassdoor)

An estimated 26 per cent of the UK population are dog owners. What’s more, Brits spent £7,900,000 on their pets in 2020 – an increase of 170 per cent since 2005. One such way they like to spoil their faithful friends is with a spot of pet grooming. Pet grooming includes – but is not limited to – washing, brushing, ear cleaning and haircuts.

Forewarning: you must be an animal lover and willing to put up with very particular pet owners to make a good go of this job. Animals may become stressed out in an environment they’re not familiar with, especially a restricted space like a van, so it’s a good idea to have some calming aids for them too.

How much you charge will invariably differ depending on your experience level, but you can also charge more based on the size of the dog and the condition of their coat.

There isn’t a qualification requirement, but it gives potential customers more trust in you if you can display one. City and Guilds offer professional dog grooming courses for those that feel that their dog grooming prowess could do with some tuning. 

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