Power to the People – Gotham Gal

In 2012, Norway passed a quota law forcing companies to fill their boards with 40% women. By leading the charge, more countries have jumped on the bandwagon. I remember having multiple conversations about how to push this referendum in the states. If the shareholders or customers push that by selling their shares or not using their products, it might be the most significant factor in forcing change.

As multiple US companies and others around the globe have pulled out of Russia, this action points directly to the voice of the people.  Disney is not giving to political campaigns in Florida because their customers and workers are pissed (as they should be) about the “no gay” law. The companies who have not pulled out of Russia have been called out on the mat, and most have now pulled out except, of course, Deutsche Bank.

We can point to social media for lots of fake news and rabble-rousers. Still, on the positive side, the transparency about the world is creating a prominent voice for the people to say enough is enough or we will boycott this company too.

The ones that moan loudest tend to be the minority. We need to turn that volume down and applaud the companies shutting down business in Russia, Florida, and Texas.

 Another round of applause for the voice of the people. As always, power to the people. 

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