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We all are surrounded with some amazing compounds, one such thing is the inorganic compound created by the reaction of an acid and an alkali. It is the trisodium phosphate, which is known as a magical inorganic compound, as it is used for several purposes. From cleaning your home, garden, to keeping frozen food preserved, it has several uses. To learn more about TSP, you can read more about TSP cleaner. In this article, we intend to share with you the possible pros of trisodium phosphate as it has been known as an incredible compound and people tend to use it alot, so let us get started. 

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Benefits of trisodium phosphate 

The trisodium phosphate is a very amazing cleaning agent, additionally it is also used for baking, and preserving food. Here is a list of all the probable and tested benefits of TSP. 

Best for frozen foods 

Frozen food has been in trend for quite some time, and people are very likely to get it. But have you ever thought about how they preserve it. Obviously they use different types of chemicals to preserve the food, and keep it fresh. If you are also thinking of keeping some home made frozen items, then it is recommended to use some trisodium phosphate, all you need to do is sprinkle a pinch of trisodium phosphate on the food you want to freeze. This way you can keep that food for a few months in your freezer. 

Increase the shelf life of products 

One thing which is very prominent about TSP is its ability to increase the shelf life of edible items. You might have known that food items must have moisture in them for a longer shelf life. Fortunately, the TSP compound can increase the shelf life of breads, sausages, and many other edible items. 


If you are thinking to renovate your old house, then it would be great to use trisodium phosphate as it is incredible in wiping off the thick layers of dust. Similarly, when you shift to a newly built house, you will see some drops of cement there, now removing them will be a tough task, but it will no longer be tough for you when you will use trisodium phsoaphte to clean it. 

Killing mildew and cleaning garden 

We all love a clean and tidy garden, and to do so one should always use quality products and articles. To remove mildew from your garden, you should use a sod cutter, read more about sod cutters. 

Then sprinkle the TSP solution on the selected points and get a cleaner garden within a few weeks. However, you will need to redo every step after every couple of days. 

Cleaning stains 

Would you like a sofa with a rough and tough stain? But it is possible to get the sticky stains on your sofa and curtain. However, cleaning them is not an issue as long as you are using the trisodium phosphate to clean it.

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