QuickCart CEO Monique Powell publicly confirms that QuickRides coming to compete with Uber and InDriver – Silicon Caribe

Quickcart, Jamaica’s leading food and grocery delivery company which opened in Trinidad and Tobago this month, has now publicly confirmed they will be entering the Ride-Share Market shortly to compete with known global brands Uber, InDrive, and other local brands Travelr Taxi.

QuickCart’s CEO Monique Powell in a Tweet said. ” #Soon. It’s talking a little while longer than expected because we decided to invest some more time in making sure that we’re delivering a product that is as safe as possible for both ‘lessees’ and ‘lessors’. #CaribbeanTech #QuickCartRides

Buoyed by fresh investment from Kevin Donaldson’s Jamaican private equity firm Roots Financial which bought out shares held by some investors, and took a 40 percent stake in the company, QuickCart has been fending off Hugo, 7KRave, CutDiLine, and lately RoadJockey in the highly competitive online food ordering and delivery marketplace. Now it will seek to leverage its current market leader position to enter the ride-share market.

We first reported that QuickCart would be entering the ride-Share market many months ago and we’ve been watching the developing competition in the Jamaican ride-share app market over the last year.

We wrote about Uber Vs Indrive- who will win the market with updates on what both Uber and Indrive(Formerly InDriver) have been doing lately in the market to please their marketplace of drivers and riders.

It’s interesting to note that Jamaica’s adoption of ridesharing and online ordering apps and platforms was accelerated by the pandemic for sure…but it also highlights the glaring inefficiencies and opportunities in the Jamaican Digital Economy when it comes to leveraging technology to make things easier, faster, and cheaper for Jamaicans in the transportation, restaurant and retail grocery sectors with e-commerce, digital payments, and logistics.

The growing Jamaican digital culture has also created many money-making opportunities for enterprising solopreneurs and small businesses. About time for the largest English Speak-ing Caribbean Nation of three million people.

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