Quinn Group Ins. Owner’s Trial to Begin on Federal Benefit and Social Security Fraud Today

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Quinn Group Insurance Agency on Main Street, Arlington

The jury trial of the owner of the Quinn Group Insurance Agency, Inc., of 223 Main St., Arlington, Patrick J Quinn, 49, (“Mr. Quinn”) is scheduled to commence today, April 5, 2022, at 9:00 A.M. in Boston’s Federal Court before Judge Richard G. Stearns.

In the trial, the government seeks to prove that Mr. Quinn collected Veteran’s and Social Security benefits, for at least seven years, falsely claiming total disability while he worked as an insurance agent. Mr. Quinn’s trial is expected to last at least four days.

Four count indictment alleges theft of government property and false statements

In Mr. Quinn’s’ trial, a jury will have to decide whether the government’s evidence proves beyond a reasonable doubt the four charges lodged against him by a December 12, 2019, indictment. These include:

  1. Theft of government money by knowingly and willfully embezzling, stealing, and converting to his own use $98,940.46 from the Department of Veterans Affairs individual unemployability benefits between January 2012 and January 2019
  2. Theft of government money knowingly and willfully embezzling, stealing and converting to his own use $324,735.40 of Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits and Child Insurance Benefits Department of Veterans Affairs individual unemployability benefits between January 2012 and December 2019.
  3. Making materially false, fictitious, and fraudulent statements, knowingly and willfully, to the Department of Veterans Affairs on July 11, 2016, regarding his service-connected disability and his inability to work.
  4. Making materially false, fictitious, and fraudulent statements, knowingly and willfully, to the Social Security Administration on May 5, 2018, concerning his not working since 2006 because of a medical disability

For more details and facts, see Agency Checklists article of January 7, 2020, “Arlington Agency Owner Indicted for Fraudulently obtaining Veteran and Social Security Benefits.”

Service in Marine Corp from 1991-1995 basis of disability claims

Mr. Quinn served in the United States Marine Corps from July 1991 to May 1995. In 2004,  Mr. Quinn applied for disability benefits and Individual Unemployability benefits with the Department of Veterans Affairs (“VA”). On the application, Mr. Quinn stated that he was totally disabled and unable to work. In 2005, Mr. Quinn applied for Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits

At trial, the government expects to prove to the jury that Mr. Quinn worked as an insurance broker from January 2012 through December 2019, and during which time he made false statements on official forms not disclosing his ability to work.

The government alleges that neither the VA nor the Social Security Administration would have paid him $98,940.46 and $324,735.40, respectively, if he truthfully disclosed that he was working as an insurance producer and agency owner.

The government’s expected evidence against Mr. Quinn

The government’s trial brief indicates that it will seek to prove the charges against Mr. Quinn through the testimony from past and current employees as well as clients of Quinn Group Insurance Agency, Inc., which is expected to show that since at least January 2012, Mr. Quinn had worked at Quinn Group Insurance and engaged in the following activities:

  • Directing its business operations
  • Meeting with clients and prospective clients.
  • Conducting the hiring for Quinn Group Insurance; and
  • Handling the company’s payroll.

The government also plans to show that Mr. Quinn had successfully negotiated acquisitions for the Quinn Insurance Group of other insurance agencies and that the Quinn Insurance Group paid Mr. Quinn’s personal expenses from its business operating account, including, among other expenses, his personal state and federal taxes, and a vacation house rental.

The government expects to prove Mr. Quinn’s alleged fraudulent receipt of $98,940.46 in VA benefits and $324,735.40 in SSA benefits through testimony and documentary evidence compiled in investigations by the VA Office of Inspector General as well as the SSA Office of Inspector General.

The government plans to take four days to present its evidence

The Special Assistant United States Attorney presenting the government’s case has advised the Court that she expected the testimony of the expected witnesses, and the submission of the documentary evidence will last four days.

Mr. Quinn’s lawyer has not submitted an estimate of how long the defense’s presentation, if any, of witness testimony or other evidence might last once the government rests its case.

Mr. Quinn is presumed innocent unless proven guilty

The indictment and the expected evidence of the government against Mr. Quinn are only allegations that the government must prove beyond a reasonable doubt. Mr. Quinn is presumed innocent and not required to rebut the government’s charges or disclose his defenses before trial.

Agency Checklists will keep you posted

Agency Checklists will monitor the outcome of this trial and will keep its readers posted as to any further developments.

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