Realtor Safety Month: 4 Steps to Take

Yelling “Stay safe!” to an agent meeting a first-time client at a listing isn’t enough. Brokerages need to make safety part of their standard operating procedure.

NEW YORK – To “lead with safety,” real estate companies must develop a robust safety culture. Leaders should show agents that they value safety by scheduling expert-led safety training regularly, at least once a quarter.

Agents who opt not to attend safety training sessions should acknowledge – in writing – that it was offered.

Trainers should have relevant credentials to teach, notably in areas of psychological safety principles and litigation related to incidents or crimes against real estate agents. Brokerages should also ask their risk management and insurance representatives about discounts based on their safety practices.

In addition, brokerages should form a safety committee made up of management, staff and agents. The committee should create weekly presentations for sales meetings on safety topics. The reports should include expert advice and an action item, be redistributed in agent communications and posted throughout the office after the meeting to reinforce the message.

Expert-led cybersecurity training should be offered regularly as well. Coni Meyers, a crisis management strategist at CKM Solutions, advises brokerages to establish a disaster preparedness plan that deals with natural and man-made disasters. The plan should cover such things as how to protect personnel, client information, equipment, and securing the office.

She adds that real estate entities should strive to be a resource to help protect the community during emergencies.

Source: RISMedia (09/06/22) Hawkins, Tracey

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