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Whether you need an Australian IP address from outside the country or want to search for international geo-restricted websites from Australia, proxy is your option. With a reliable tool, you can read the news you were looking for, enjoy your favorite movies or TV shows, and check out apps from other countries. Australia proxy server is the tool you can rely on. Here is how you can use it to reach the blocked content.

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Receiving Proxy in Australia

If you want to change the IP address and increase your security or enter the regionally blocked website, you have to follow these simple instructions. Usually, proxies can be enabled in a few simple steps. However, since you need a specific region, copy these steps:

  1. Find the proxy service you trust or want to try;
  2. Clear the cookies and restart the device for optimal work;
  3. Connect to the proxy service you’ve picked;
  4. In the bar near the search window, select the country you need and wait a few seconds for the connection;
  5. Enter the website in the address panel.

Open Proxy on Windows

If you want to use a proxy server on your Windows, you can easily enter it. Follow the next steps:

  1. Press Windows + I several times to enter the Windows Settings. You may simply open Settings in the main menu;
  2. If you have Windows 10, go to the Settings. Find Network and Internet. You will see Proxy there;
  3. Once you see the section Manual Setup, enable the Use a Proxy Server.

How to Get an Australian IP Address

If you need an Australian fake IP address, you can receive it by using any proxy of your choice. You may also download VPN and select Australia in the window with countries’ options. Usually, there are a wide number of countries you can use for your fake IP. Once you enter the country, you will see all the websites opened for locals but restricted for foreign use. However, you have to pay attention to the fact that some services search and block IP addresses that VPN providers offer you. In this case, you can choose another address. If you want to enter Netflix, you may find that they have blocked numerous fake IPs.

Reasons to Use Proxy in Australia

No matter where you live, a proxy is a perfect way to protect your IP address from hackers. It is also the best way to hide your traces from other users. You will not leave information about yourself using the Internet. Apart from that, there are numerous websites with valuable data hidden from anyone except locals. Using IP addresses from Australia tricks the system. It makes everyone believe you are from this country. If you want to view your favorite TV show but can’t do this because you are not in Australia right now, just use a proxy and choose this country in the list. You may later change it for another country.

You can use the IP address to receive the local prices on the products or services. You may reach local libraries and find out fresh news. Data from Australian services are simple to access if you have the proper tools in your hands.

Using Australian Proxy

You don’t have to be in Australia to receive total access to Australian web resources. Proxy will help you to fix a small problem. If you need to hide your identity and use a secured way to access Australian portals, this is the best way to do it. You can trick smart AI into treating you like an Australian, allowing you to see geo-restricted materials you want. Make sure you are using reliable proxies.

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