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The art of using plant materials and flowers to create an eye-catching adornment of the body or home or as a part of public ceremonies, festivals, and religious rituals defines floral decoration. As all fields have their masters, so does the field of floral décor. Floral decoration is done as a professional business by a group of people usually known as floral consultants.

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Floral decorations can be very confusing as there are various options to choose from such as orchids, lilies, long lasting roses, etc. Thus, a professional is required to  determine what kind of flowers can be used according to one’s choice or the theme.

Also floral decorators have much more knowledge about every material to be used. Thus, it is a much better and safer option to involve professionals  instead of doing it by oneself.


Though the consultants are the ones who will be doing the decoration at the end of the day, a small homework from the client’s side will prove to be efficient and will thus enable them to have a successful consultation.

Fix the venue:

Much before approaching the consultants, fixing the venue of the event, which has to be decorated, is one of the main points to be taken care of as this will save both the client and the consultant’s time.

The team can start coming up with ideas by looking around the venue right after the client decides to go ahead with that team as his consultant. The more time in hand, the much better it is. If a certain plan doesn’t go along well with the others, the team can develop a new one under lesser pressure.

Decide the theme of the event:

Having a basic idea about the theme of the event and letting the consultant know about it will significantly reduce the workload as the team would then have to work around that theme and not start afresh. It’ll also make sure that the client’s tastes have been retained and, at the same time, have been enhanced to look professional and elegant.

Gathering references from online or offline resources such as magazines or photos will help the consultant understand the planned theme and other ideas

Decide the budget  for decoration:

The main criteria to focus on is the budget. Firstly, the host must have prepared an estimate of the whole event along with the break-up.

This has to be decided before the meeting or can be discussed with the consultant. It should be well conveyed to the team working on the decoration to avoid the expenses going beyond the limit. This will enable the team to plan in that fixed range and find the best options.

Be a good listener and be imaginative:

It is important to be a good listener as it shows that you have entrusted them with the work, and now it is the team’s responsibility to make sure the job is done perfectly. One must listen to the consultant’s ideas with an open mind as they deal with these decorations daily and have a lot of experience.

Being a bit imaginative will help understand the consultant’s ideas as a picture speaks louder than words, even when it’s imaginative!

Create a list of desired arrangements:

A personal touch is always the showstopper in events. Handing the consultant a list of specific arrangements you would like to include in your event will help them plan the rest.  

Decide the date and time of the event:

Last but not least, one of the main points to be sure about is when the event is scheduled to take place. The whole decoration can depend upon this as few floral decorative items are available only during a specific season. Also, floral décor and season go hand-in-hand.

For example, bright flowers go well with summers, while florals in pastel shades look good during winters.

Parting Thought

Flower decoration is an art. Right decoration can add charm to your event. You can always take some professional help to do so. Hope we have helped with a few tips for your successful consultation. Then, waste no more time and start the preparations by reaching out to your floral consultant right away!! Happy Consulting!!

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