SweatHouz Infrared Saunas franchise opportunities are heating up across the U.S.

SweatHouz Infrared Saunas franchise opportunities are heating up across the U.S.

SweatHouz sessions maximize the scientific advantages of infrared technology and the ancient healing benefits of regular sauna

At SweatHouz Infrared Saunas, luxury is the standard.

SweatHouz sessions begin with a relaxing sweat, where guests enjoy their favorite music, podcasts or streaming service with an iPad in their private suite. During this time, visitors:

  • Sweat out 7x more toxins than a traditional sauna session;
  • Burn hundreds of calories while boosting their metabolism;
  • Reduce workout recuperation time and accelerate muscle recovery;
  • Improve their skin from increased collagen and elastin production; and
  • Enhance their mood.

The sweat is then followed by a refreshing Vitamin C-infused rinse in their private shower.

SweatHouz studios also offer cold immersion therapy where guests use cold plunge pools to combat inflammation and arthritis, improve circulation, boost metabolism and more.

The hottest new opportunity in the health and wellness space

This brand new concept offers franchisees unlimited opportunities in the $1.5 trillion global wellness market!

Currently, SweatHouz has 10 locations across the country and is expected to grow to 15 by year’s end, which means there are ample territories available throughout the entire U.S., including every major city and market.

The SweatHouz business model is simple and takes the guesswork out of daily operations so its franchise partners can focus on growth. The recurring revenue, membership-driven model allows for predictable and recurring cash flow, and SweatHouz’s proven experience ensures its brand will survive as leaders in the health and wellness industry for years to come.

The team behind SweatHouz

Legacy Franchise Concepts (LFC), a partner of Prospect Hill Growth Partners, is the franchisor behind the country’s hottest new healthy & wellness franchise opportunity.

Founded by Jamie Weeks, Atlanta-based LFC invests in health, wellness and lifestyle brands across the franchise landscape. As the largest Orangetheory franchisee in the world and one of the largest Dogtopia franchisees in the U.S., Weeks has developed an incredible knowledge of the industry and franchise operations.

“As a multi-brand platform with locations around the U.S., we’re able to leverage best practices in operations, recruiting, training, sales and marketing, and more to provide our partners with all the tools they need to launch their own successful studio,” says Weeks, executive chairman of LFC. “These best practices have been ingrained in our SweatHouz Corporate Studios, and now that we’ve proven the business model, we’re ready to pass the success on to our franchise partners.”

SweatHouz first launched in Atlanta in 2019, and has rapidly expanded across the country. Currently, it has multiple locations in Georgia, Massachusetts, Oregon, South Carolina and Texas.

For more information on SweatHouz Infrared Saunas franchise opportunities, please visit: sweathouz.com/franchise.

SweatHouz is on a mission to bring the full range of health benefits from infrared saunas, cold plunge tubs, and more to communities all over the U.S. Our vision is to be the leading whole body wellness and recovery studio from coast to coast. Learn More

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