The Benefits of Allowing Employees to Take Mental Health Days

Employees are not robots, you are not a robot. Sometimes people work a little too hard and they get exhausted. Nobody is an exception to this. It’s so important to recognize mental health and wellbeing. There’s no such thing as a superhuman and everyone has their own troubles. Unfortunately, when it comes to working culture, there’s this whole idea that mental health needs to stay a taboo topic.

Regardless of what happens to a person, they need to just “deal with it” and get back to work. This is an old mentality that has to go. Mental health is real health, and it has to be recognised. Sometimes, stress just gets the best of us and an employee (or yourself) just needs to take some time off.  Always look after your employee’s mental wellbeing. So here are the benefits of work-sponsored mental health days.

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Productivity can increase when coming back

Breaks can massively help people out, breaks are what give people that push to feel like themselves again. Studies have shown that taking a break can and will boost productivity. Just like the body needs to take a break, the brain does as well. So breaks are essentially like oxygen to the brain. It gives your brain the chance to just decompress for a bit. In the long run, breaks are needed. They help with creativity, they help boost happiness, this break could be exactly what a person needs.

The decision-making process improves

So how can a mental health day do this? While it does depend on the activity that’s getting done, there is a chance of more sleep happening during this day off. Just like the brain needs a break, both the body and brain need some sleep as well. Sleep lets your brain sort out what has occurred, and properly process everything that’s needed. This can include important decisions that your business needs such as whether or not to invest in access control systems or any other important decision.

While there’s a saying that goes “sleep is for the weak”, it’s quite the opposite, lack of sleep can make you weak.  So whether it’s you or an employee, let them have that mental health day, as their decision-making process will drastically improve.

It’s a major stress reliever

Maybe it’s work that has gotten the employee stressed out, maybe it’s something in their personal life that needs to be taken care of. Regardless of what is it, it’s very important to help the employee relieve their stress. It’s true that a person’s career is one of the leading causes of stress. This could be the environment, the work they do, pressure, employees, or so much more. If they feel overwhelmed or bogged down, then this could make them feel trapped.

 Better mood once the day is over

While it’s not always the case (as it does depend on why the employee needed that day), you’re most likely going to recognise that your employee is significantly happier and appears well-rested.  Having a pleasant break is something that can recharge any battery.

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