The Best Luxury Real Estate Brokerage Agency in Thailand

What are the hallmarks of success when you are looking for the best Luxury Real Estate Brokerage or Agency in Thailand? The most important first thing you should look for a Luxury Real Estate Agency in Thailand that offers you a variety of choices in Luxury Real Estate for sale.

In particular, you should find a brokerage like Conrad Villas as they are Thailand’s most trusted and favored independent Luxury Real estate Agency, with Luxury Properties for Sale in regions like Koh Samui, Phuket, Koh Phangan, Hua Hin, Chiang Mai, Bangkok & Bali.

Conrad Villas, which is sub-brand from the main company Conrad Properties Co., Ltd., is a dedicated source for Luxury Villas for sale, Luxury Beachfront Villas for Sale and Luxury Sea-view Villas for Sale, and also bespoke Luxury Real Estate developments.

An Award-Winning Thailand Agency:

A good rule to follow when seeking a Thailand Luxury Real Estate Agency is to find one supported by the Luxury Real Estate industry at large in their main areas. This is certainly the case with Conrad Villas and Conrad Properties.

As recently as 2021, Conrad Properties won the prestigious Luxury Lifestyle Awards.

awards received by Conrad Properties

  • Best Real Estate Agency in Thailand in 2019: Their award-winning independent Luxury Real Estate Agency was also awarded the “Best Real Estate Agency in Thailand 2019” according to Thailand Property.

  • Best Luxury Real Estate Brokerage in Thailand in 2021: They specifically they won the Luxury Lifestyle Awards’ “Best Luxury Real Estate Brokerage in Thailand 2021”. This demonstrates that they’ve been steadily improving as a brokerage since over 2 years ago.

  • Commitment to Excellence: Their commitment to excellent service and quality curated listings, ensures customers will get reliable and informed real estate services allow you to discover your own dream Luxury Property in Thailand.

Why You Should Trust Conrad Villas

The Conrad Villas brand is the latest collection of Luxury Properties for sale and is owned by the same main established brand Conrad Properties that has been operating for nearly 10 years.

Their Luxury Real Estate Agency comprises of all the key components for a successful and reliable Luxury Property Agency, such as: sincerity, integrity, transparency and accuracy, in order to earn their customers’ trust and showcase to the best possible Luxury Villas for Sale in Thailand to suit their individual needs. In summary:

  • They have the best property prices available and handpicked curated listings.

  • It’s composed of an active team of experienced, multilingual and reliable agents.

  • It is a multi-award-winning Luxury Property Agency in Thailand.

  • Conrad Villas & Conrad Properties offers real customer service and integrity.

  • It has one of the best website with an extensive Luxury Property portfolio.

You should also trust Conrad Villas and Conrad Properties as your foremost Koh Samui Luxury Real Estate Agency because there are several significant reasons why it won awards as the best Thailand Luxury Real Estate Brokerage in both 2019 and 2021.

With their company you as a customer are fully assured of reliable, honest, and informed advice that does not hide or distort facts and presents the full pros and cons personally of each Luxury Property for sale, in order for you to make the most secure and informed choice.

They look out for your best interests instead of just theirs.

Simplifying a often daunting and confusing task:

Buying a Luxury Property in Thailand can often be daunting and confusing task to first embark on. Therefore, you should seek of the services of Conrad Villas & Conrad Properties in order to simplify the entire process to make it as smooth and stress-free as possible. They enable you to take the time you need to make confident decisions without any sales pressure.

How does Conrad do this? They won the best realty agency of Thailand for 2019 and 2021 exactly because of their service and their extensive range of Thai properties for sale. You won’t have to rush because of the large portfolio of Luxury Properties for sale. Also, their dedicated agents are trained to be patient, humble and transparent in all their dealings with clients. This is at the core of everything they do, and is one of the founding principles of the company.

They have Luxury Beachfront Villas for sale and hillside Luxury Sea-view villas for sale, as well as land investments, commercial properties, and bespoke luxury property services.

Their Secret is Long-Term Experience

Conrad Properties professionals in their office showing their award

The secret of the Conrad brand’s success lays in their long-term market knowledge and experience as a company, which has been in operation for nearly a decade. They didn’t win property awards overnight. They did things the right way in order to slowly and gradually build the brand, consumer trust and a high-quality reputation as trusted Luxury Real Estate Brokerage in Thailand.

Their reputation is built on nearly 10 years of sincere business acumen, with a strict code of ethics, and advice that is honest, genuine, and dependable. This is why many clients of Conrad Properties and Conrad Villas clients refer their friends and colleagues, and many take the time to write complimentary reviews for the brokerage online.

The other secret to their success is their team. They specifically hire experienced property professionals who are often property owners themselves, and know the market and location where they work inside-out. Therefore, they can guide their client not only in Buying a Luxury Villa in Thailand, but also construction, interior design, real estate law & taxes, local schools and an connect them to their carefully chosen rental and management partners to create a full-house property service for their clients.

Both the buyers, sellers, owners and developers using this unique brokerage praise the company’s ability to find the best possible Luxury Property Investments in Thailand & Asia and provide personalize services and opportunities to suit their valued clients’ individual requirements.

Services Offered by the Award-Winning Conrad Properties & Conrad Villas:

Conrad Properties & Conrad Villas brands offer the following important services that prove their dedication to clients. They put their own desires ahead of their buyers and sellers, and instead of focusing purely on commissions they sincerely try to help both parties to find a mutually beneficial agreement.

They even take care of their clients after sale completion, in order to guarantee their complete satisfaction, and are always happy to hear from their customers and build long-lasting relationships.

  • Thailand Luxury Real Estate Services: The main benefit of dealing with the Conrad Villas & Conrad Properties brands in buying or selling Luxury Properties in Thailand, is their extensive portfolio of Thailand Luxury Properties for sale in Koh Samui, Phuket, Koh Phangan, Hua Hin, Chiang Mai, Bangkok & Bali.

    In addition to this, they have a multi-lingual team experienced team of Luxury Property Agents to ensure that both local and overseas buyers can get wide choice of options when it comes to Thailand Luxury Properties, and in both an unbiased and objective sales process.

  • Koh Samui Luxury Property for Sale: With the Conrad team you will not only get free property advice and consultation among agents who know what understand the market extensively, but you’ll also gain access to a carefully handpicked and curated portfolio of Luxury Properties for sale in Koh Samui, Phuket, Hua Hin, Chiang Mai, Bangkok & Bali.

    You can even buy Luxury Villas in Thailand with them at the most accurate and competitive prices, in prime locations, and offering premium quality.

  • Covid Property Discounts: There are many Covid discounts to be found even with luxury properties. There are less discounts to be had however with Beachfront Villas for Sale, due to supply and demand, however since the Covid19 pandemic it has proved the best time for buyers to make a property investment. Due to the Covid-10 pandemic, Conrad have secured some noticeable Covid Property Discounts, as there are still some motivated Luxury Villas owners who are keen to sell at a reduced price.

    Due to unforeseen recent circumstances, more Thailand Luxury Property owners have become highly motivated to sell their properties, and developers are more keen than ever to create good deals for customers buying their projects to local and overseas clients during this pandemic period.

  • Land and Construction: Conrad Villas & Conrad Properties offer a wide range of new modern and tropical Luxury Sea-view Villas for sale in reliable ‘off-plan’ projects under construction in Koh Samui, Phuket, Koh Phangan, Chiang Mai, Bangkok and Bali.

This is a huge range of Luxury Property for Sale on both of their websites includes a wide spectrum of Luxury Properties and Ultra-Luxury Villas for Sale in Thailand: from an idyllic Beachfront Villas for Sale, to a modern hillside Luxury Sea-view Properties for Sale.

If you’re searching for a way to sell or buy your own Luxury Property in Thailand in a reliable and effective way, the Conrad brand is your best choice. They won’t list properties for sale and leave them online without bringing customers for viewings or promoting them internationally and locally potential buyers, and their award-winning website is updated daily.

They employ a wide array of dedicated unique marketing and branding methods to attract the right kind of exposure; from email marketing to their extensive worldwide database, custom-written listings with full-optimized photos, social media marketing, Google AdWords, Luxury Real Estate portals and affiliates, and even printed and signage marketing.

Find Your Dream Luxury Property in Thailand

Conrad properties office

Once you choose Conrad Villas & Conrad Properties brands, everything about your Property Sale and Purchase Agreements will become smooth and streamlined. Everything is carefully planned and coordinated from the start, so that there is a mutually beneficial agreement for both the buyers and sellers.

Conrad Villas & Conrad Properties is the considered the best Luxury Real Estate Agency in Thailand because of their dynamic, award-winning approach to luxury realty sales & marketing that really turns heads and produces successful sales in a short space of time.

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