The Best Technology Available Today to Keep Your Site Safe

Technology To Keep Online Sites Safe From Hackers

If you own a website, nothing will scare you more than the thought of having all your work attacked and completely wiped out. There are many unscrupulous individuals operating that can do this to your website. As such, it is important that you keep it safe from them. In doing this, we have researched some of the most effective technology tips that you can follow to keep your site safe from hackers.

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1. Install Security Plugins

Installing security plugins is one way to keep your site safe from hackers all the time. For instance, if your website is developed using a content management system (CMS), it will be possible for you to enhance your website using security plugins that have the power to prevent attacks by hackers.

Every single CMS option has readily available security plugins and a lot of them can be acquired for free. Some of the security plugins available for WordPress include iThemes Security, fail2Ban, Sucuri, Bulletproof Security, and Wordfence. The security options available for Magento are Amasty and Watchlog Pro. For Joomla, available security extensions are JHacker Watch, RSFirewall, jomDefender and Antivirus Website Protection.

2. Tighten Your Network Security

Tightening network security is another tip that is key towards staying secure in this risky cyber environment. It is possible that the computer users in your office are the weak links that hackers will use to attack your website. As such, ensure that you tighten your site’s network security.

One of the ways to do this is to ensure that logins expire after a brief moment of inactivity. Furthermore, cultivate the habit of changing passwords regularly and ensure that you use strong ones at all times. Lastly, make sure that every device plugged into the network is scanned for malware every time you attach them.

3. Install a WAF

A web application firewall (WAF) may be software-based or hardware in nature. It sets between the data connection and your website server, reading every inch of data that passes through it. Modern WAFs are usually cloud-based and are provided in the form of a plug-and-play service. In addition, they come for a reasonable monthly subscription fee.

Once installed, this tool keeps your mind at peace by blocking all cyber attacks. It also filters out all kinds of unsolicited traffic such as malicious bots and spammers.

4. Use an up-to-date Security Technology Software

It is important for your website to be protected using software such as Transport Layer System (TLS) or Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). This technology is useful and helps keep the data of users from being hacked.

It is commonly used by online sites, especially those that deal with the data of their customers. An example in India would be Limeroad or online gambling portals like Asiabet. The latter is a common comparison site that is very popular because it lists the best casino bonuses. Additionally, it explains clearly how bonuses work and how to claim the best bonus for you. They provide unbiased ratings of each operator and emphasize their features.

5. Control File Uploads

File uploads can also give way for cyber-attacks on your website if not properly handled. Bugs are hard to deal with and even when checked out by the system, they can still get through. If they do, they will allow hackers unbridled access to your website’s data.

In order to secure your devices from hackers, you should prevent direct access to your uploaded files. Try not to store them in the root directory and utilize a script to access them anytime you want to. This can be set up for you by your web host.

6. Invest in Automatic Backups

Despite everything we have listed above, it is important to note that nothing is absolutely guaranteed. This means that even if you follow everything, your website still faces some risks. If the worst happens, you might end up losing everything on the website. This is why you need to invest in automatic backups. Make sure that you save your website’s data at all times, and regularly.

Even though a data breach can be really devastating, having a backup makes it easier to recover. Automatic backups provide you with the ultimate solution even when the worst happens. This is why you should invest in them because nothing is guaranteed.

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