The Dire Implications Of Work Injury Claims For A Business

Employees in all industries are
exposed to a variety of occupational risks. While some risks are avoidable,
others are an inherent part of operations. Accidents can happen at any place
and anytime, while occupational hazards are a constant threat. Still, business
owners can do their bit to minimize these risks. Doing so is their ethical and
moral responsibility. Most importantly, they have a legal duty of care to their
employees. Lack of safety can lead to accidents and work injury claims. Such
claims can have dire implications for a business. Let us explain why steering
clear of them should be a priority.

Loss of
productivity and loyalty

Workplace accidents can cause
injuries that incapacitate employees temporarily or for the long haul.
Moreover, claims can make the environment stressful for everyone else. People
tend to lose their productivity while working in a high-stress environment. The
fear of injury affects their focus and efficiency. Even
worse, you can lose on the employee loyalty front. Long-term retention often
becomes challenging in such negative circumstances.

The expense
of training replacement workers

When injured employees go off work,
you have to bring in replacement resources to avoid work disruptions. Hiring
and training them can be a burden for any business in terms of time and money.
Also, you cannot expect them to give their best right away. The risk of mishaps
runs high when inexperienced workers work on risky processes and complex
machinery. You can imagine the kind of threats that come along with injury

Cost of work injury lawsuits

Injury lawsuits are perhaps the worst
thing you have to deal with when mishaps occur at your workplace. An injured
employee can claim compensation for a work injury because the employer owes
a duty of care to the workforce. Lawsuits are expensive because you have to pay
a lawyer to establish defence. Moreover, your insurance premiums are likely to
increase after injury claims. The entire cost can be painful for any business,
while lawsuits can eat up your precious time as well.


Injuries and claims are hard to deal
with by themselves, but handling operational disruptions is even worse. You may
not get replacements right away, which can slow down or even stop critical
projects. Imagine the stress of impending deadlines amid work disruptions. You
may have to face penalties for missing delivery deadlines. Even worse, unhappy
clients may never return for business.

Impact on
business reputation

Business reputation depends on
several things, and the way you treat your employees is one of them. Workplace
injuries and claims can affect your employer brand in the long run because
no one wants to work on unsafe premises. Likewise, a slack attitude towards
employee safety can create a negative perspective for your brand. The
authorities will also get a bad impression due to non-compliance issues.

The implications of work injury
claims can be dire for any business. So it is vital to prevent them in the
first place. The best way to do it is by making your workplace as safe as

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