The essential “E’s” of Digital Signage 

The essential

If you follow the latest marketing trends, you have undoubtedly heard about the Digital Signage frenzy sweeping across the bar and restaurant industry. Adopting this new advertising tactic has been particularly beneficial for restaurant and bar owners that want to display their marketing content to current and potential customers. 

Digital Signage allows restaurateurs to address the three “E’s” which are essential components of a great guest experience and include the following: 

  • Educate 
  • Entertain 
  • Engage 

As many restaurant and bar owners have experienced firsthand, fulfilling all three “E’s” can be challenging. Fortunately, digital signage may be the missing link you need to conquer that challenge. 

How Digital Displays Can Help You Educate Guests 

In our crowded modern marketplace, getting customers in the door is a huge accomplishment. However, you must also continue to educate guests about your brand and services. 

While tactics to educate guests with physical menus, tabletop displays, or big flashy posters can make an impact, producing these materials are incredibly costly and time-consuming. 

Custom digital displays are cost-effective, and efficient in educating your guests. You can highlight your menu or even promote upcoming events which will enhance their experience and increase the likelihood that they will become regular guests of your establishment. An easy-to-read menu is a top priority for nearly three out of four customers (74%). 

Entertain and Captivate with Digital Signage 

Providing quality entertainment to captivate your guests is essential for two primary reasons. First, adequately entertained guests will stay longer, which means they’ll spend more. In addition, the quality of the entertainment you provide will directly impact their dining experience. 

Digital signage is fully customizable, so you can incorporate a variety of different content into your marketing displays. Throw in some trivia questions, fun facts about your establishment, or even information about the city to appeal to out-of-town guests. 

Digital Displays: The Missing Link to Higher Customer Engagement 

Modern consumers are drawn to digital screens as they play an integral role in social interactions, entertainment, and work. While in an establishment, most guests will focus on TV displays while potentially overlooking the physical ones. 

Leverage this trend to enhance customer engagement. Strategically position digital displays at key locations to entertain, educate, and engage your guests in the dining experience as soon as they set foot in your door. 

How Cable TV for Restaurants Is Undermining Customer Engagement

If you are still relying on cable for restaurants, you may inadvertently be undermining your customer engagement efforts by limiting your ability to utilize digital displays. 

In addition to it being difficult to incorporate digital signage into live cable TV broadcasts, cable TV content can be redundant and uninteresting, especially during weekdays. 

The Solution: Atmosphere TV 

You can overcome these pain points, save money, and drive better engagement by switching to Atmosphere’s TV streaming service for restaurants. 

Request a free demo to see how Atmosphere’s TV streaming service can help you increase dwell time and enhance your guest experience.

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