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Zaher Deir, the CEO and Founder of AeroBid, a real-time bidding platform for private jet brokers and operators that will transform private aviation joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Zaher Deir discuss the following:

  1. What makes AeroBid unique and how long was it in the making?
  2. Are the prices posted by AeroBid always accurate and up to date?
  3. Who designed the platform? Give us some of the details and backstory there.
  4. Do you have plans for enhancements/improvements?
  5. Who is using the service currently?
  6. How do brokers and operators get in touch with you to join the platform?

Zaher Deir is a private aviation veteran and CEO and Founder of AeroBid, a new live bidding platform, that modernizes the private charter booking process. Using data and instant communications, it brings a fast, transparent, and convenient way for brokers to request charters for their clients, and for operators to receive and bid on live flight requests.  More passengers are requesting to fly privately than ever before. Private aviation needs to improve the broker-operator relationship if it wants to take advantage of new opportunities.  Aerobid believes it has the solution for brokers and operators.


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