The Investor Guide to Fidelity Funds for April 2022

The Investor Guide to Fidelity Funds for April 2022 is AVAILABLE NOW!


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Market Perspective: Equities Rally to End Volatile Quarter

Equities rebounded in March after investors digested the impacts of war in Ukraine and the Federal Reserve’s rate hikes. There was an air of suspense hanging over both situations because of uncertainty, but with Russia retreating to some degree and the Federal Reserve announcing rate hikes and plans for the rest of the year, investors bought the dip on the assumption neither will turn out worse than feared. The S&P 500 Index gained 3.58 percent and the Nasdaq 3.41 percent for the month, but these indexes gained 11.43 percent and 16.67 percent over their intraday low on March 14. Economic data improved, but rising prices are starting to impact consumer spending. Ongoing virus lockdowns in China slowed their economy, and the government signaled a bailout for banks is coming.

Increased crude oil prices dominated the headlines over the past three months. At the beginning of the year, prices were at $75 per barrel. Mounting inflation lifted the price to $90 per barrel by February. The commodity soared to $130 per barrel as Western governments banned trade with Russia. European natural gas prices exploded higher, at one point hitting the energy equivalent of $600 per barrel. Since then, prices have fallen substantially, though they still are far higher than what was being paid at the beginning of 2022…Continue Reading

Fidelity Model Portfolios for April: Microsoft ExcelPDF

Fidelity Data & Advice for April: Microsoft ExcelPDF

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