The Power of Letting Go

Huh??? I’d never written anything. And there was no water in KC (at least none that I’d want to live near!). Why would I give up a flourishing business, uproot my kids, leave behind a network of friends and reliable babysitters? 

That’s when I stumbled on a quote by Carl Jung: “For better to come, good must stand aside.”

I grabbed onto those words as if they were gospel. Was it time for me to give up “good”? Was “better” really out there…waiting? It was a risk I was willing to take. 

Seven books later and still living on water, I have enormous respect for the power of Letting Go. And the scarier it is to release, the more magical the results. The moment I decided to give up my business, someone on my staff offered to buy it. Within 6 months I was living on the side of a hill, outside San Francisco, overlooking water.

Then, out of the blue, a national magazine asked me to write a monthly column.
 And they paid me!!! I was officially a writer.

Is there something “good” you may need to let go of for “better” to come? Think about it. Then leave me a comment below.

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