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For owners of business startups, conceptualizing a winning business idea is perhaps one of the most difficult things that they have encountered. Most of the time, people know that they want to have a business. The problem, however, is that they have no idea what are the things that they have to do first.

Every year, more than half a million businesses are established in the United States alone. But this number is significantly smaller than the actual number of people who are thinking of starting a new business.

Before anything else, the first thing that business owners must keep in mind is that there is no bad time to start a new business. Sometimes, people decline to push forward with their plans because of unfavorable conditions such as economic recession, among others. But thinking through this situation would reveal a lot of things – for instance, a business that was launched during uncertain times may end up being successful primarily because of less competition.

Considering this, one must think through things and consider the ups and downs of launching a new business as soon as possible.

One of the pressures of starting a new business is the fact that the would-be owner has no idea what to do. For many people, they think that the key to be successful is to invent the next big thing in their chosen fields. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Of course, there are Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and other noteworthy people who became famous because of their “inventions.” But we have to consider many others who rose to the top not by inventing a new product but by improving what was currently in the market.

Thus, the first rule in conceptualizing a winning business idea is not to think about a unique product or service, but rather finding products or services that you think you can improve.

To do so, take a sheet of paper and write ideas that come to your mind. Try thinking about products or services that you are really familiar with – then conceptualize how you can improve them. Do you think you can merge some services? Or perhaps make the design of a particular product more ergonomic?

The secret is thinking through things – use your head, and eventually you’ll come up with a winning idea for your startup.


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