These 3 Methods Will Help You Create a Product Offer – Guaranteed

I dare you to find a better way to actually create a product offer your customers can’t resist. These three exercises will teach you how to create irresistible offers your customers can’t refuse.

If you’re not making money in your business — it’s probably your product offer. Product offer or service offer, if you don’t have one that connects with your customer, you’re LOSING both time and money so let’s get started.

Let’s start with a quick exercise. Head over to Google and search for “how to create an offer”, “how to create an irresistible offer” or “how to create a product offer”.

You’ll see something like this:

google search create a product offer

These are list posts that PROMISE to help you create an offer, but what you get is some variation on…

To say “be clear, bundle, or add value” sounds good on the surface, but when I actually tried to do this I found myself saying

“Be clear about WHAT?”

“How do I know that this is what my customers wants?”

“How do I if this bundle is something that will truly solve their problem?”

You can kid yourself that you have a great offer – but if you’re not converting (at any price, let alone free) your offer isn’t connecting.

And no one is out there to help you actually sit down and do the hard (yes hard) work of creating an actual offer.

In this article, we’ll give you some step-by-step exercises, templates, and examples to help you come up with a great offer your customers will love and happily pay for.

Use the Value Equation: The Best “How to Create a Product Offer” Exercises You’ll Find Anywhere!

I’m going to start with my favorite process. I’ve looked and looked and researched and filled out templates and BY FAR — this is THE BEST offer development explanation and template I’ve found.

It comes from the book $100M. Please just GET THIS BOOk, there is so much goodness and there’s access to free videos. He talks fast, but it’s brilliant. I’m just summarizing here.


$100M Offers: How To Make Offers So Good People Feel Stupid Saying No

This is BY FAR THE BEST book I’ve read on how to develop an offer. Hermozi lays out the process, the thinking and the psychology behind the process of creating a truly irresistible offer.

Don’t waste your time with anything else, pick up this book, watch the videos he links to and get a real education on how to create an irresistible offer in just a few pages.

The process isn’t exactly easy (depends on your business) but it is effective and it’s what Hermozi uses with his own businesses and clients.

Buy Now

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Let me share the basic formula and process that Hormozi pulled together. (I’m excited just thinking about this — it’s just SOOOO good)

Everything you need to know about crafting an offer is RIGHT here. There are 4 variables. The ones at the top (Dream outcome and perceived likelihood of achievement) those are variables or characteristics of your offer that you want to MAXIMIZE or increase. For example, lose 10lbs in 5 days GUARANTEED.

The bottom portion of this formula (Time delay and sacrifice/effort) are what you want to minimize) For example, Lost 10lbs in 5 days while you sleep — that’s an example of minimizing effort and time delay.

But wait — there’s more.

  1. What is the DESIRED OUTCOME for your ideal customer? I recommend that you brainstorm a list (a good long list) just to get your mind working.
  2. Now, list every possible problem, obstacle, or complaint that they might encounter when it comes to achieving this outcome.
  3. After that, list out every solution to that problem.

Now, you have a nice long list of ways to SOLVE their problem or give them a path to their desired outcome.

Remember Hormozi’s value equation and play with how you could give them the outcome as fast as possible and eliminating as much risk in achieving the outcome.

The Infomercial Formula

I call this next one the infomercial formula. Once I show it to you, you’re going to see it everywhere! In fact, just watch any infomercial, and you’ll clearly see the power of this irresistible offer formula.

  1. Choose a target customer or persona. Be as specific as you can because the target customer sets the context for your offer. Think about “soccer moms” – you immediately get a visual that sets the context for their life from what they drive, how they spend their time, and the challenges they have.
  2. Identify a specific problem they are dealing with. Now that you have this very specific persona with a specific life and challenges, what problem will you solve for them?
  3. Now that you have the problem identified, make a list of how THEY think they have to solve the problem.
  4. Now make a list of how EVERYONE else says they have to solve the problem.
  5. Finally craft your unique solution to that problem.

Rant Through the Empathy Model

The Empathy Model was developed by business coach Shanda Sumpter. I recommend you join her Heartcore Business Facebook Page or Coach Yourself to Success Private Group especially if you are a coach or consultant. She runs monthly trainings that cover this in detail.

Here’s a video you can watch that she often recommends:

Head over to the 15 minute mark and watch closely.

  1. Start out with a basic problem that your ideal customer has. Think about the problem you see most often in your business. Think of your clients and customers and the single most popular problem they come to you with or their single biggest complaint.
  2. What is YOUR solution to this problem: Using your experience, what is YOUR solution to this problem.
  3. Now, it’s time to craft the offer. What is the specific problem you’re going to solve and what is the outcome that you promise?

Do Just One or Do Them All to See What You Get

Now that I’ve opened your eyes to the three best ways to create a profitable product offer, I dare you to put them to the test!

Why not try out these exercises and see what profitable offers you come up with? We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

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