These Are the Best Businesses To Start In Florida

best business to start in Florida

For many people, launching a company would be a dream come true. Fortunately, there are many solid business options that can work particularly well in Florida. Some take advantage of the nearby beaches and sunny weather, while others are companies that benefit from the large number of tourists that come to the area. There are also options that focus primarily on residents, including snowbirds that only stay in the state for part of the year. If you aren’t sure what may work for you, here is a look at some of the best businesses to start in Florida.

Food Truck

If you’re a fan of the culinary arts and want a flexible business option, a food truck might be your best bet. You can focus on a limited menu featuring your preferred type of cuisine. Plus, you can change your location based on shifts in foot traffic, short-term events, or other factors.

Often, a food truck does require a significant upfront investment, as the truck itself can be expensive. Additionally, you’ll need proper licensing, ensuring you have all of the required permits to serve food and operate in the area. However, it’s often easier than launching a traditional brick-and-mortar restaurant, which makes it worth considering.

Water Sports Equipment Rental

Many tourists come to Florida to enjoy the sun and sand. Often, taking part in water sports activities is a fun option for visitors, but many tourists don’t bring their own equipment. As a result, launching a small business that provides rental options to travelers and locals can be a solid option.

With a water sports equipment rental business, you can choose to focus on a particular activity – such as surfing or snorkeling – or cover multiple sports. The approach you choose will impact your startup costs, so it may be best to start small and scale up if the opportunity arises.

Surfing, Snorkeling, or Scuba Diving Instruction

If you’re a skilled surfer, diver, or snorkeler, you could turn your expertise into a business by offering lessons to others. It’s a way to spend time doing an activity you love and can help you stay active, all while ensuring others can experience the best of what the sport has to offer.

The type of credentials you’ll need may vary depending on your area of focus. Additionally, you might need to invest in loaner equipment that your students can use while they’re taking lessons. However, this option is also far more flexible than some alternatives, ensuring you can work based on a schedule that best fits into your life.


Microbreweries are popular throughout most of the country, making them a prime business option for those with the right skills. You can develop a product line that’s unique to the area, making the location a major draw for tourists and locals who appreciate a high-quality craft brew.

In many cases, launching a microbrewery is complex. Along with a significant financial investment for the needed equipment and space, the licensing requirements are potentially strict. However, for those with enough capital, it can be a fun option, allowing you to create unique offerings and sell them to those looking for a standout beverage experience.

Plus, you may have the option to sell your brews through area restaurants. As a result, you may be able to secure several income streams, which can help you generate enough profits to maintain a comfortable lifestyle.

Housekeeping Service

Many Florida property owners turn homes into vacation rentals. When a renter leaves the property, the owners will want them cleaned quickly and thoroughly, ensuring it’s ready for the next renter. As a result, that can make a housekeeping service a solid business option in any part of Florida where tourists and vacation renters are common.

One benefit of launching a housekeeping service is that the startup costs are typically pretty low. Additionally, you don’t have to limit yourself to vacation rentals, as many homeowners who reside in Florida might appreciate some help with their household chores.

Plus, this option is also highly flexible. You can decide how many properties you want to manage and when you’ll offer your services. Finally, if demand begins to grow beyond what you can handle alone, you can bring on employees, allowing you to expand as the business requires.

Senior Care Provider

Many people decide to retire in Florida, which means that the number of seniors in the state is typically quite high. Since many of them can benefit from a helping hand, becoming a senior care provider could be a solid business option.

If you have medical training, you could provide advanced care to those with medical conditions. However, even if you don’t have that expertise, you can still assist seniors with chores like house cleaning, cooking, shopping, transportation to appointments, and more. As a result, this type of company is often far more accessible than people realize. Couple that with the fact that the startup costs are typically low, and it can be a solid contender.

House Sitting or Property Caretaker

As mentioned above, Florida has its fair share of snowbirds. Since they are only in the area for part of the year, many look to hire house sitters or property caretakers to ensure their property remains in good shape.

House sitters mainly focus on ensuring there is someone at the property and handling basic tasks, like light cleaning, plant watering, mail checking, and potentially pet sitting. With property caretakers, exterior work is commonly the focus of the job, including lawncare or gardening responsibilities.

In either case, the startup costs are typically very low. Plus, you may get a chance to stay at some high-end properties in amazing locations, which can make the experience fun and cost-effective. You may be able to have a smaller home if you’re able to shift from one live-in job to the next, which can save you a bundle.

Bed and Breakfast

With a high number of tourists coming to the state, starting a bed and breakfast could be the perfect small business. You’ll rent rooms out to travelers, ensuring they have clean, comfortable accommodations. When it comes to meals, you’re typically only responsible for breakfast, though you can choose to offer more if you prefer.

Since a bed and breakfast is usually a smaller property with a limited number of rooms, it’s often easier to manage than a traditional hotel. Plus, you can control your bookings to give yourself a break as needed, making it incredibly flexible. Finally, you get to live on-site, so you don’t need a separate place to stay when there are guests.

Alternatively, you could explore other short-term rental options that are less involved. Sites like Airbnb can make that quite simple, so consider that, too.

Wedding Photographer

Many couples head to Florida for beach weddings, creating ample opportunities for local wedding photographers. If you have experience with higher-end cameras and photo editing, then you may find that it’s easier than you’d expect to secure bookings.

With this, you will need to have your own camera equipment and photo editing software. Additionally, a website with a well-rounded portfolio is essential, making it easier for couples to see what you offer and increasing the odds that they’ll reach out and book you for their upcoming nuptials.

Event Planner

In a similar vein to the option above, starting an event planning business can work incredibly well in Florida. Along with smaller celebrations like weddings, birthdays, and retirement parties, many organizations hold large conferences in the area. As a result, you may be able to connect with a wide range of clients, all of whom need some support to ensure their event goes off without a hitch.

This option is particularly strong if you’ve coordinated events before, especially if you can showcase a portfolio of images from past events. Additionally, if you have great relationships with local venues and vendors, it could help you start off with greater ease since you may be able to secure some deals, allowing you to keep your prices competitive right from the beginning.

Similarly, if you have a property that could host events, you’re in even better shape. You can offer your planning services along with the venue rental, which could help you command a higher price since you’re offering more support.

Have you launched any of the businesses above in Florida and want to tell others about your experience? Can you think of another type of company that deserves to be on the list of the best businesses to start in Florida? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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