These Are The Best Side Hustles in Indiana

Best Side Hustles in Indiana

Do you live in the Midwest? Are you looking to make some extra money? If so, then you might want to know about the best side hustles in Indiana. Let’s explore what they might be.

Common Side Hustles

Many of the best side hustles in Indiana are the same as in any other state. Popular gigs and side jobs include:

  • Delivery driving for all different types of apps and services
  • Rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft
  • Online side hustles like blogging, social media influencer work, etc.
  • Getting paid for opinion with surveys, reviews, user groups, beta testing, etc.
  • Renting out your car, your home, your tools, and more

5 Best Side Hustles in Indiana

That said, there are certain side hustles that do better in one place than another. So, if you’re looking for the best side hustles in Indiana, then consider these five options:

1. CDL-A Truck Drivers

I ran a search for the best Indiana side gigs on SnagAJob and Simply Hired. In both cases, many of the results were related to driving. You need a CDL-A driving license, although some places offer on-the-job training to help you get that. Once you have the license, you can apply for various weekend and part-time jobs throughout Indiana. It seems like they currently have a lot of opportunities in this area.

2. Cleaning Jobs

There are a lot of different cleaning jobs advertised on these sites as well. You can work for an agency that does house cleaning and/or commercial building cleaning. Alternatively, of course, you could set up your own independent cleaning business. Either way, this is the kind of side hustle that you can turn into a full-time job if you decide that you want to do so.

3. Caregiver

There are many, many caregiver positions listed online in Indiana, particularly in Indianapolis. Although some of these jobs require experience or even certifications, others are just for assistance with daily activities. There are jobs for working with the elderly and the developmentally disabled. Of course, there are also jobs for nannies and others who wish to provide care for children. If you enjoy helping people, this might be a good side job for you.

4. Art Instructor

One of the most interesting side hustles I found in Indiana on Simply Hired was an ad to become an art instructor for children’s painting parties. What a wonderful idea! And that, of course, opens up ideas for all different types of art hustles you could enjoy as well as different party jobs. If you’re creative, consider something like this.

5. Restaurant Work

Many, many of the SnagAJob opportunities advertised for Indiana were in the restaurant industry. It’s always a great way to make quick money with a flexible schedule. Waitressing, bartending, and shift management all have the potential to pay well. You might also look at catering and event work.

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