This Company is Decoding The Secret To Data Analytics

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Across industries, data and analytics are being leveraged by enterprises to guide business strategy and optimize spending decisions amid growing financial uncertainties. Analytics tools and methods for dealing with large amounts of structured and unstructured data generated by IoT will be crucial to create a connected world as the need for human-like intelligence from tools and technologies continues to grow.

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LatentView Analytics is a recognized player in data and analytics. The company empowers organizations to serve their customers better by helping them move up the analytics maturity curve through actionable insights that lead to data-driven decisions.

“Analytics will continue to play an important role in data security as it is already transforming privacy, intrusion detection, digital watermarking and malware countermeasures. While businesses will look at becoming more relevant for their customers using the power of data, cognitive analytics will grow and embedding intelligence into processes will become more relevant. There will be a boost in demand for data scientists, professionals who can balance quantitative analysis skills with an ability to tell the story of their data in compelling ways and of course, companies will implement processes to ensure data accuracy,” said Pramad Jandhyala, co-founder of LatentView Analytics.

LatentView’s objective is to create value through making sense of big data for clients with varied needs, working across multiple data types, sources and formats. “LatentView Analytics showcases a breadth of expertise in the areas of business analytics, consulting services, data engineering and digital transformation. Functionally, the company offers services and solutions for customer analytics, supply chain analytics, marketing analytics and risk and compliance analytics across the retail, CPG, technology and financial services sectors.”

The company keeps on innovating to bring freshness to its clients. Its innovation agenda is driven by evolving needs of clients, to help them grow and compete effectively in their marketplaces.

It has launched a subscription commerce growth accelerator in the last quarter to capitalise on the growth of the subscription economy. “The solution puts together a relevant framework for any organisation to use for transitioning their business to a subscription model. We are in the midst of a promising pilot stage currently, and we predict growth in this segment in the coming quarters.”

The company also looks at investing heavily on its CPG & Retail and Financial Services practices and work towards making inroads into the Europe and APAC markets.

“The retail industry is one of the most vulnerable businesses when it comes to disruptions in their supply chains. Focusing on supply chain visibility helps prevent and mitigate supply chain disruptions, resulting in better inventory management, operational efficiency, and customer service.”

LatentView Analytics raised INR 600 crore in an IPO in November 2021, garnering record levels of subscription at 338 times. “Being among the leading pure-play data analytics services companies in India, we have been able to show great promise with our expertise of the entire value chain of data analytics, from data and analytics consulting to business analytics and insights, advanced predictive analytics, data engineering and digital solutions.”

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