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The idea of making money online sounds attractive. And it’s one of the most talked topics about worldwide. The real question is “Can you make money from home?”. Or do you believe that this is another catch in terms of multi-level marketing? Well, truth be told, there are hundreds of ways to earn money from the comfort of your home, making yourself comfortable on the couch and in your favorite pajamas.

The bottom line is, that the Internet has made it easier for everybody who wants to earn the extra buck, whether it is working remotely for a company or as a freelancer. All you need is the right mindset and a will to spend your free time while working on the next side gig online. So if you are still wondering how to earn extra money online, in the following we’ll discuss some of the easiest ways to make this happen for you. 

Play Online Games

When we were kids, we loved the games. All types. We were playing all day, every day. But, what if we told you that you can earn money while playing games on your phone, tablet, or laptop? The amount of money playing games will depend on the type of game you’ll play and you can earn somewhere between $30 and $300. With the advancements and major developments in the game industry, you can earn money from home.

There are several ways how you can do that, starting from a YouTube channel and posting video game tutorials, reviewing games, or providing gaming tips, up to becoming a QA tester. As a QA tester, you will play the game before it’s released and provide your feedback about the game itself, the quality, characters, report issues, or bugs. 

You can even become a Twitch streamer and earn money by streaming your gameplay on the platform. It’s a legit way to earn money and monetize your streams via subscriptions and ads. And if you like playing games and teaching others, you can do both. Becoming a game coach is a dream profession for video games enthusiasts, so take on the next adventure!

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Medical Coding and Billing

Medical coding and billing is a branch of the healthcare system where you as a medical coder or biller will have multiple responsibilities for producing clean medical charts and submitting them to the insurance companies for funding. Medical coders work with CPT – Current Procedural Terminology, ICD – International Classification of Diseases, and HCPCS – Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System codes. You might have a few extra books from where you will read the guidelines and check the appropriate codes used for billing. 

And as a biller, you might be in charge of many different areas, from fixing denials to submitting claims, billing charts, etc. Medical coding and billing have proven to be good practices for earning money online. However, you will need to pass the test for a CPC – Certified Professional Coder before you land any job. In the beginning, you’ll have an A suffix, CPC – A, which means you are still an Apprentice until someone gives you a chance and you gather some experience before landing a better role. But, you should never give up because the right job is always just around the corner.

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Become a Personal Trainer

If you are into fitness, this is the right profession for you. You will inspire others to be fit and train from your home. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of trainers who use their free space, whether it is in their garage or backyard. There are several ways how you can profit and make money as a trainer, by attracting new customers, raising your prices, offering bundled services, selling online courses, organizing wellness touristic trips, etc. You can even promote supplements and get paid by the brands.

And, if you are good at writing, you can write and publish eBooks online. Kindle is the right platform for stepping up in the writing business waters and you can even sell your books on your site.

Plan Trips

As a travel planner, you will help others plan their trips. This is not a travel agent profession, it’s more like a virtual assistant. You’ll take care of your customers in terms of travel offers, booking details, transportation, etc. Some of your responsibilities might include finding travel offers, identifying your customers’ needs and requirements, setting up presentations, booking hotels, flights, transportation, and many more.

And for a low fixed price, you can even sell guides that include what you can see, which place to visit, how to get there, etc. If you are good at graphic design and you have decent creative skills, you can design the travel guides and sell them to tourists. All you need is a good idea from which you can make a profit and monetize your labor and hard work.

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