Top 10 Global Consumer Types from Euromonitor International

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Report: Top 10 Global Consumer Types from Euromonitor International

“Global Consumer Types: Understanding the Path To Purchase,” a 57-page report released by Euromonitor International on July 19, identifies eight different types of consumers based on their traits, values, and priorities.

For each of the eight types, the report provides detailed statistics, trends, and other useful data. The eight types this year are:

  • Secure Traditionalists (18%)

“I am content with where I am in life.”

“I want to have and be the best.”

“I am confident in myself and the future.”

  • Empowered Activists (14%)

“I believe I have the power to affect change.”

“I know what I want in life.”

“I love finding bargains.”

“I choose to focus on the simpler things.”

  • Conservative Homebodies (6%)

“Family and friends matter most to me.”

The report lists seven reasons for segmenting consumers by type:

  1. Drive innovation pipelines to meet emerging demands

  1. Customize buying journeys and increase conversions

  1. Understand which motivations influence certain purchases

  1. Competitively price and position product portfolios

  1. Tailor promotions and the customer experience

  1. Strengthen relationships with loyal customers and reach new audiences

  1. Guide marketing investments and initiatives

Click here for a free download of the report. For comparison purposes, here are links to the 2021 and 2020 editions.

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