Top 5 Reasons to Franchise with Buddy’s Home Furnishings

Top 5 Reasons to Franchise with Buddy's Home Furnishings

As one of the fastest growing rent-to-own franchises in America, Buddy’s Home Furnishings offers many benefits when it comes to franchise ownership, which explains why approximately 88% of Buddy’s franchisees are multi-unit owners—they come back for more! But why? Let’s take a look at the top five reasons:

1. The Industry

Rent-to-own (RTO) is an $11.1 billion** essential and recession-resistant industry offering customers affordable payments on everyday necessities, which is why RTO annual revenue has steadily increased for decades despite good and bad economies.

Buddy’s has a 60-year legacy and sits prominently in the RTO industry as the third largest retailer and one of the fastest growing franchises. Owning a Buddy’s means benefiting from the company’s proven systems refined over decades in RTO, while having the reassurance that the RTO industry will be as essential (if not more!) in the future as it is today.

2. Impressive Unit Economics 

The numbers say it all. On average, the top 25% of stores see $1,501,500 gross sales and $369,627 cash flow per store.*

3. Recurring Revenue on Inventory

Franchise owners see an average of 25% in free cash flow, which is attributed to the unique recurring revenue model in RTO that yields multiple returns on every product.* RTO customers share the common desire to have durable, name-brand goods in their homes without the long-term financial obligations associated with credit sales. The RTO model has become a mainstream hallmark of consumerism spanning industries from car sharing services, to clothing rental subscriptions, to technology trade-in programs and so much more.

4. Business Model Built for Franchising 

Approximately 88% of Buddy’s franchisees are multi-unit owners and growing. This is a testament to the company’s systematic, proven approach to establishing and scaling stores and to the director-level franchise support team that averages 24 years of RTO experience per person. Buddy’s also offers an attractive 0% royalty fee for the first six months and typically ramps up stores in an average of 4-6 months.

5. Community Focused 

Buddy’s success is a reflection of the relationships every store develops with its local community. Our staff is trained to be locally owned and community focused. The company culture is to nurture relationships with customers that aren’t built on transactions, but rather, trust.

Want to learn more about franchise opportunities with Buddy’s Home Furnishings? Start by visiting or by connecting with Mitchell Lee, Director of Franchise Development, at or (813) 321-0401.

* This information reflects the Average Gross Sales and Average Free Cash Flow for the Top 25% of Buddy’s Home Furnishings company-owned retail businesses which were in operation for the entirety of the 2021 fiscal year. Of the 37 retail businesses that were in operation for all of 2021, 9 were included in the Top 25% sample set and 3 attained or surpassed the Average Gross Sales and 4 attained or surpassed the Average Free Cash Flow as described above. We refer you to Item 19 of our 2022 Franchise Disclosure Document for additional information. A NEW FRANCHISEE’S RESULTS MAY DIFFER FROM THE REPRESENTED PERFORMANCE. This advertisement is not intended as an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, a franchise. Offerings made by prospectus only and in compliance with the applicable pre-sale registration and disclosure requirements in your state. **Courtesy of APRO. ©2022 Buddy’s Home Furnishings®. All rights reserved. 

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Buddy’s Home Furnishings is one of the fastest growing rent-to-own franchises in America with a 60+ year legacy of proven success. Learn More

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